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Hire Your Best Candidate – Easy Resume Review

Finding good help can be hard. The sea is full of fish who seem eager to work for you. So, how do you pick the best one? There are several obvious red flags to watch out for, but others may be harder to catch. Are you unsure about where to start? This guide will help you learn how to hire the perfect candidate.


Watch Out for Grammatical Errors

One of the easiest ways to spot an under-educated candidate is by simply checking their spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Have a co-worker or manager check it for you as well. It is surprising how many times these errors can show up on a bad resume.


No one is perfect, but a good candidate will only have a few misspellings or misused words. Excessive errors should be a red flag for any employer looking to hire a smart employee. In fact, 58 percent of possible employers rejected resumes with these typographical errors.


Check Their Experience Level

It depends what type of position you are hiring for, but work experience is vital to review nonetheless. Now, this may seem obvious. However, many employers simply scan resumes to make sure the candidate even has experience. The key is to understand the level and type of experience they have under their belt.


The candidate may have held some positions in the past that seem irrelevant. Consequently, their resume goes into the reject pile. This is another mistake to avoid. A good candidate may surprise you. A supposedly unrelated position may show another level of depth, skill, and commitment that they could add to your company.


Obviously, it is still essential to find related work experience for some openings. It is imperative to certain positions. However, it is important to keep an open mind.


Look Out for Incorrect Information

Resumes should include correct dates, numbers, addresses, and positions. Some candidates feel the need to embellish their resume. This is acceptable to a point. Now, over-exaggeration could be a sign of a dishonest person. Catch on to this early to prevent a possible train wreck.


There is a resume review that finds errors on resumes available. This is a useful and time-saving tool for any busy employer. It takes time to call and verify all the information listed.


Skip the Vague Qualifications

Another red flag is if the potential employee isn’t upfront with their proof of accomplishments. Most resumes include a skills section. Be careful enough to notice how detailed they are here. If they cannot list how each skill has benefited past employers, you might consider skipping that candidate.


The Best Resume – Signs of a Good Candidate

Do you want to hire the best candidate? Here are some important things to remember when you are making your decision.

  • Their resume should be clear and concise.
  • There should not be any information that doesn’t pertain directly to the position. Personal information is a good example.
  • No large gaps in employment should be visible without an excuse.
  • Their work experience should be related to your open position. If not, it should at least add value to their character.
  • Their resume needs to be free of spelling, grammar, and other typographical errors.
  • They should not be out to stroke their ego. Many candidates like to use phrases like good with people, full of ideas, and self-motivated. Their resume should be less about them and more about their specific accomplishments.


Hopefully, this list gives you a clear starting point. Resumes say a lot about a candidate. There are many signs of good or bad candidates. Typographical and informational errors can be the most obvious red flags, whereas experience and incorrect information are more difficult to discern. Use any tools you can during your reviews, and make sure to look for signs of a good candidate. Happy hiring!


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Six Tips to Finding the Right Employee For Your Startup

Finding the right people to work for you is understandably challenging. You’d want to be as meticulous as possible when sifting through candidates. But at the same time, you don’t want to be spending an exuberant amount of time and energy into your hiring process alone as other aspects of the business will suffer. But with the dozens of candidate resumes and files that land on your desk every day, it can be tedious to select the right employee. To help you find the right one, here are six tips to keep in mind:


Determine Good Technical Fit

The right employee should have a skill set that is a good fit for the position you are looking for. Using the right surveying and interview process including written questionnaires and asking open-ended questions, you can determine whether or not a person has the right skills to do a good job. For instance, if you are hiring for a lead software engineer, you can throw problem-solving exercises and take-home assignments at candidates to test their technical abilities. Even if they cannot solve the problem right there and then, observe their approach. Can they maintain composure under pressure? Do they have the right train of thought when working through the problem?


Cast a Wider Net

You don’t want to limit your options by just entertaining candidates who’ve attained specific educational and professional credentials. While the college they went to and the years of field experience they have are definitely valid measures of competence and technical know-how, it shouldn’t be the only yardstick you hold up against your candidate list. If your candidate seems smart enough, they should be given a fair chance. The best talent come from all sorts of backgrounds, from arts to engineering. If they have the drive, passion, and fundamentals in place, give them a chance to prove their potential.


Check References and Do a Background Check

References are a standard when applying for work. No one would agree to be a reference to someone who is irresponsible or a psychopath. When pre-screening candidates, do a background check that includes references, but also goes into the person’s history including educational credentials, actual job positions held, criminal history, and credit history.


Have a Detailed Job Listing

The job position you need filling won’t be found by potential candidates if you don’t post it on a bulletin board or an online job listing website. More importantly, however, you need a highly detailed job listing to avoid attracting people who aren’t a good fit to the job position and company. A detailed listing should feature the job responsibilities expected of the new hiree, what existing technologies and solutions your company is using, what your company culture is like, and what you are looking for personality-wise.


Offer Training Programs

Providing regular training programs for your employees can refine them further and give them the knowledge to take on more difficult tasks and projects. Training your staff not only increases their proficiency in their respective duties. It also boosts your sales and profits, and helps you expand the business faster. By investing in your workforce’s growth, you are also showing your employees that you value them and their continued growth.


Work With a Third-Party

Third-party recruitment firms have the resources to devote towards finding the most compatible candidates for the job positions you need filling. Companies, like Intrinsic Workforce Recruiters, https://iwrecruiters.com/recruiting-services/sales-marketing-recruiting/, specialize on bringing together companies with professional sales and marketing people who have the experience and qualifications to do the job proficiently. This includes account executives, advertising agents, brand administrators, and web marketing specialists.


Final Thoughts

People are an indispensable asset to any company. Who you employ and work with on a daily basis will affect your business’ bottomline. Take the time to vet your candidate list and involve your current employees when making the decision. Getting the consensus of at least your team managers and department heads will make the hiring process more streamlined.


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