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How to Track Stock Market Changes

The stock market is something that is always on the mind of a professional. Its ups and downs can make or lose millions of dollars for those who invest. The question on everybody’s mind is “How can I predict what happens next?” Those who can predict the stock market can take full advantage of that skill use it for their benefit. Those are the people who are making millions off their stock market investment. To help you learn the skills needed to predict the changes, here are the first 4 steps to get you started.

  1. Make a Spreadsheet to Get Thing Organized

When you think of a professional, you think of spreadsheets. So to get things started, you’ll need to make a spreadsheet. It will help you keep the information organized and help you to predict future trends. If you’ve been using Docstoc and you need an alternative, here are some Docstoc alternatives to get you started. Stocks can be messy and if you want to be accurate at predicting what will happen next, you will need to be organized and have your trends mapped out on some sort of paper. If writing it by hand works better for you, then go for it!

Another perk of having it written out is that writing helps you remember and process information. By writing or typing the information you learn about the stock market your brain will be able to work through a situation faster.  

  1. Take a Look at the Low Priced Stocks

Now, record stocks that are lower priced. The tendency is to buy into a stock after it’s been on the rise for a long period of time. However, this isn’t always a good move. Think about what happened with Bitcoin (although it isn’t a traditional stock). Bitcoin’s prices soared to $20,000 per coin and people started buying in for their first stock at its high price. The cryptocurrency dropped suddenly and without warning. Those who invested after the initial rise lost significant amounts of money. Moral of the story, don’t invest when a stock is too high. To predict the rise or fall, play safe and avoid the high stocks. Instead, look at the new stocks. They have much more buying potential.

  1. Let the Top 500 CEOs Make the Decision for You

If you had $1,000 to spend on stocks, would you just go for it or would you let the top 500 CEOs make that decision for you? Of course, you would let the top dogs invest your money. The best way to “predict stocks” is to invest in the market as a whole. In general, stocks will trend upward. Invest money in the S&P 500 which is the top 500 companies worldwide. The investment makes a guess that the market will do what it has always which is that it will eventually go up.

  1. Watch General Trends (Especially on Reddit)

Trends will give a lot away when it comes to the stock market and Reddit has a surprising amount of accurate guesses. This happens because one person will post a guess and the next comment will critique it then the next will critique. The process goes on and on until the final product is a rough sketch on what the stock market could be doing next. If you hear one rumor, don’t believe it right away. If a lot of people are saying it, then follow up with it. The reason behind that is that if a lot of people are saying that a certain stock is about to crash, all those people are pulling their money out. When they pull out their money, it inevitably will cause the crash. Sadly, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy but it’s best to listen to it instead of getting caught off guard.

All anyone wants is for their money to increase instead of decrease. If you’re not familiar with the stock market then you could be preparing to lose substantial amounts of money. But if you’re willing to invest your time into the stocks as well as your wallet, then you could be making out with more than what you started with.

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3 Softwares That Will Save You Time At Work

tModern business software plays an integral role in business operations today. They are indispensable for many businesses because they significantly lower expenses by reducing the need for manual work. They also save businesses a lot of time because their productivity capability is faster than humans. The right software for a business may prove to be an invaluable asset. It can make the business more productive, efficient and also save it a lot of money


Document Automation Software

A document assembly system assists businesses in creating documents. They save time and money because they eliminate the need to manually type or input information onto documents. Law firms particularly benefit from document automation because they deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork. An example of the software’s productivity is their capability in populating data onto contracts, deeds and wills. Rather than have a human manually type-up a specific contract, the document automation system does it automatically in a matter of minutes. The financial services industry also benefits from this software because it automates writing mortgage related documents. The software is able to do these tasks by using a level of document artificial intelligence. The application also becomes smarter with increased use. This kind of system will reduce the number of employees needed to perform document creation. This will save any company a lot of money. The software is also faster and in conjunction with citrix printing will comprise a complete documentation system.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a software solution that performs a multitude of tasks that improves customer relationship. The gist of the software is that it stores customer and client information in one database. It’s able to do this by collecting information from emails, phone calls, live chat and even social media. The customer’s data is also continuously updated so as their preferences change so does the data. It saves money because this kind of information is what companies pay for. The data analysis that the CRM performs also saves time because it integrates sales, marketing and customer service into one place. This immensely valuable information can then be used by businesses to target their customers better. Rather than aimlessly send promotional offers that wastes money and time. A company can use the CRM database to offer a customer a product or service that they are more likely to buy.


Supply Chain Management Software

SCM software assists companies in logistics of a supply chain. It ensures that the supply chain is stable. One of the ways this is achieved is by a forecasting feature that businesses use to void disruptions. This alone saves companies money because they know exactly what and how much of a product is being produced. With a SCMS, they also know in real-time the status of their warehouse inventory. Additionally, businesses can also know which products are selling most. This seamless integration of various aspects of a business operation would otherwise require many man hours. Any business that manufactures and sells products will gain a lot of control of their business with a supply chain management software.

Business software can be a great asset for any business. They perform important tasks that improve productivity. Law firms, and financial organizations that create substantial amounts of documents will benefit by using a document automation system. Business that sell products and offer services will be able to target their customers better with customer relationship management software. Businesses that depend on a stable supply chain will be more efficient with a software that manages their production and distribution. The right software will help any business save money and time by reducing the need for costly manual work.

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What it Takes to Be a Great Leader in Your Current Position

Being a true leader is one of the most important components of any position. Leaders should guide companies to success, offer a clear goal and create a respectable business environment in which employees enjoy working. The success of a company or group often lies on the shoulders of a leader. Here are six skills that can make you a great leader in your current position.


Have a clear direction

No matter your current position, there are people looking to you for guidance. This is especially true with higher positions. Having a clear direction can give purpose and clarity to a whole team. This will help to create focused action and will develop worthwhile results when executed properly. Without a clear direction, those who work for you will not only be lost but also less motivated. A good leader has a clear direction not only for themselves but for the company itself. These expectations give employees something to strive for.


Make an effort to develop others

This point goes along with building relationships but is much more specific. A great great leader, in every position, works to help develop those around him/her. This works both ways in the hierarchy as every member of a business has the opportunity to improve and challenge both those who work above and below them. Developing others helps not only to garner respect but also to improve the overall functioning of a working group. When all members do better, the whole company flourishes.


Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication is the key to success in all human relationships. This especially includes business relationships between members of a team, groups within a company and partner companies as well. Even the hardest working and goal-oriented companies can’t outwork bad communication. This is when things both large and small can fall through the cracks and cause immense problems. It is always frustrating to realize that a simple question or clarification could have prevented said issue. For this reason, it is critical as a leader to have clear communication in your position.


Be an active member of the team

At some time or another, all members will end up ‘taking one for the team‘ and doing work outside of their job description. This is an indispensable part of a functioning company and points to the innate human need for group support and help. There is a general assumption that those lower in the totem pole will be the ones more likely to be doing odd jobs outside of their usual sphere of responsibility. It is an important gesture as a leader to take some of these responsibilities upon yourself. When employees see a boss as an active part of the team, respect is often much higher.


Know the numbers

It is easy to talk about the company in generalizations and simple statements, but the real information is always in the numbers. As a leader, you need to have all of these analytics at your fingertips in order to stay on top of things. A great way to keep all important pieces of data accessible and organized is by using a CEO dashboard. With this information, leaders can make specific and detailed actions to help drive towards success.


Develop specific expertise

One of the most important parts of being a leader is responsibility. This is a difficult task as it requires an active acceptance. In reality, responsibility falls on the leader no matter what he or she does. It is the mark of a true leader when they actively take the reigns and work to improve things. Developing specific expertise within the field of your company is a great way to show responsibility. Besides, you never know when that particular piece of knowledge or ability will come in handy to save the day.


Leaders are an integral part of every successful company. They help to clarify goals, solve problems and drive towards improvement. These six skills are just a few of the many attributes that great leaders exhibit.

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