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Programs which can be used in the stock trade

Welcome to the year 2019. The increase in technology over the past decade has been incredible and of course has reenvisioned the way people view the stock market. We live in a world where most tools are available at your fingertips through the use of your smartphone. Likewise the methods used to invest have changed. They’ve been simplified and streamlined so that anyone with a bank account and a social security number can potentially become an investor almost immediately. In the following article I will outline programs which can be used to help Begin investing as well as give you the tools to help you out depending on your strategy


Automated Systems


Sometimes referred to as the millennial form of investing these systems allow brokerages differing levels of control over your investments in turn allowing a hands off approach to investing. Automatic withdrawals and investments are done by programs creating blended portfolios for investors with no actual work being done by the investor. There are even companies out there which allow you to invest the spare change from some specific debit card transactions.This allows you to grow your principal investment seemingly unnoticed. There are also day-trading programs out there which utilize complicated algorithms to fuel their system AI allowing capital to be moved around in accordance with daily, weekly, and monthly trends.


Programs for Small Accounts


For the investor with a smaller amount of capital to invest there are still plenty of opportunities out there. There are several brokerages which allow their investors (mostly) free trades. Trades with generally low share size would go for a penny or pennies in total allowing there to be little overhead cost for an investment opportunity. There are also companies which allow fractional share holding. In this case a person with a relatively small amount of capital can still own a portion of a large well known expensive blue chip company like Amazon for example. Companies will allow the investor to hold as little as 1/10000 of a share in some cases. This would allow a person with a $2000 account to still be able to invest in large equities like the S&P 500.


Tools of the Trade


Whether it comes to charting or news aggregation there are plenty of programs which will allow you to invest smartly. Programs can allow you to scan the stock market for trends specific to your search criteria. This will help you predict price action. Likewise there are apps and programs which live stream breaking news related to the stock market directly to your phone or computer. You can even input specific stocks which you want to keep a keen eye on. There are also many programs used to help you with charting price action . They allow you to not only view price action over specific terms but allow you to change the criteria by which you want to view the price action, and graph studies directly onto it. The visualizations alone create a major advantage for the investor.


As you can see whether you have a hands on approach or a hands free approach there are plenty of programs tailored to your needs. These tools can be your primary vehicle for investment or can offer support for your future investment decisions.


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