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What Are The Benefits Of Implementing The Employee Of The Month Program?


Whether you form of recognition involves a paltry pat on the back, a picture on the wall of fame or a note from the CEO, you need to appreciate your employees’ input. The employee of the month recognition goes a long way in proving to your employees how much the company values their unwavering loyalty and contribution towards its success.


If you hope to devise an effective criterion for identifying the employee of the year, consider implementing the net promoter score also known as employee NPS. It gauges your employee’s willingness to play the company ambassador’s role. Some of the benefits a business reaps from implementing such a program include:


  1. Boosting their confidence

A little pat on the shoulder or hoisting the employee’s picture up the hall of fame goes a long way toward boosting the employee confidence. It shows to them that they aren’t just doing something right but that they are also in the right direction.


Appreciating them for their input on overall performance or outstanding performance on a particular project has a significant impact on their confidence. Most importantly, this appreciation helps eliminate any shadows of doubt an employee may have with regards to whether they are on a sound footing with the employer.


  1. Promotes healthy competition in the company

The employee of the month recognition, whether accompanied by check or not is an incentive in its own right. Like any other incentive, it helps build a healthy competition within the company as every employee hopes to fall within the employer’s crosshairs and gain the coveted recognition. The program also works best if the appreciation is accompanied by another incentive like special treatment or monetary reward.


  1. Promotes productivity

The employee of the month program can also be used to boost productivity within all the company’s divisions. You only have to tweak the recognition criteria and have it biased towards recognizing best-performing employees.


This prompts employees to put in more effort in all their undertakings in a bid to emerge top in the company. In larger organizations with several divisions or separate business fronts, a productivity boost oriented program works best when you implement an employee of the month recognition for every division or production line.


  1. Reduces employee turnover

In most instances, employees cite lack of appreciation as one of the primary reasons they left or plan to leave their current positions. You can, therefore, avert high employee turnover rates within your organization by implementing programs that prove to employees how much value you attach to their contributions within the workplace.


Note that while a monetary reward can prove quite effective, you don’t always have to attach value to appreciation. Simple but genuine gestures such as a note from the employer or the company’s chief executive to the employee or their family hailing his contributions to the company and key role they play in the team is equally effective.


  1. Improves employees overall rating

While you aren’t prepping your employees for greener pastures or encouraging them to leave, the employee of the month award in the form of a note or a certification comes handy in boosting their CV. Most employees will recognize this selfless act and end up endearing themselves to you and solidifying their loyalty to your company instead of searching for more rewarding positions. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about a better CV rating tempting them to leave.


Bottom line

If well implemented, the employee of the month appreciation program can go a long way in benefiting both the employee and the employer. For instance, it helps the employee gain more proficiency in their role, earn more commission as a result of improved productivity, and even score higher on their CV rating once the program’s light shines their way. On the other hand, the employer reaps all the benefits associated with more productive employees and in some cases, the intangible benefits of employee loyalty and devotion to the company.


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