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All The RGR Estimates Will Be Demolished Tomorrow

RGR is reporting its first crop of earnings since the Sandyhook tragedy and the major push for gun control got underway. I’m looking around the room, and I’m seeing earnings getting lifted by 10% from the last round. And after that? Some analysts are even showing EPS dropping within the year. Look, let me ask you something, point blank.

Are you people out of your fucking minds?

You need to understand, Mr. Bloomberg analyst; I hate your guts.

It’s not that I have anything against your business don’t like you disrespect you…okay you know what, I’ve tried starting this sentence three times, so I’m just gonna call it quits here.

The problem is that you are a gigantic pussy. God it feels good to finally say that! Enough of this PC bullshit.

You are a gigantic bitch. You little New York dwellers hang out on your tiny little island with your thirty five thousand armed guards and no sense of how the rest of the country operates. You get all caught up in ten thousand fake Twitter handles that #DemandChangeNOW and miss, subsequently, what is staring you right in the face.

And why do you let this happen to yourselves? So that one day, maybe, Mike Bloomberg will say “hmm” to you while you shuffle breathlessly out of his way to the bathroom.

Now let me show you why your estimates are complete garbage

This is a real gun store, unlike the imaginary ones you’ve never set foot in

Now, do you notice how I can almost count on two hands how many guns they have left in this case?

You are busy lifting earnings estimates for gun manufacturers by a paltry 10% and meanwhile, gun inventories have been sacked by >80%. In this particular store, this was one case. They had another five that looked exactly like this. I can count on one hand how many Ruger handguns were left for sale. And meanwhile, you can only bring yourself to lifting EPS estimates by 10%, while viciously penning that “Bloomberg employee loyalist” piece hyping the ‘dangers’ to gun stocks that will just absolutely materialize from legislation and judiciary action. And of course reminding everyone that these sales levels cannot continue indefinitely.


The company just sold a years’ worth of firearms in a fucking month. And, I revel in revealing this to you, but you’ve got two years until the midterm elections, and at the moment Republicans are looking vulnerable. That’s two years during which gun enthusiasts can panic and buy as many weapons as their budgets can handle. Two years, before you have any chance of stemming the flood, too…

RGR is backlogged with demand. They have so much F-ing demand, they need to expand their borrowing capacity just to try and keep up with it. Why, just Thursday they signed an agreement with Bank of America to expand one of their lines of credit by $15 million. You can expect more of that sort of thing, I can assure you. That’s at least 30,000 more weapons being made, all on sales that are being satisfied, really, before manufacturing or wholesale.

Think about that in shame the next time you think of writing up one of these moralizing trash pieces.

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Tell Me Again. What Day Is It?

Gee, today would not happen to be the who-cares-th year since probably-unrelated-to-what’s-happening-now happened, would it?

My, that would be a horribly repeatable statistic-with-no-bearing-on-the-present, wouldn’t it?

I’m sure if I were running some sort of column that I tried to get people to read, that would be a crutch of a subject I could lean against without putting much effort into, in order to avoid having to take the 15 minutes required for some strain of originality.

Why, I would probably look at the most recent string of bad data coming out of Europe/China/US/Planet Earth and try to correlate them too, sloppily of course. I would likely do so in complete ignorance to the point that bad data has been coming out of these places uninterrupted for three years and that this does not seem to be a turning point of any real consequence.

In fact, I would probably also have to pretend like the proposition that a major correction fed off a stream of the same crap we’ve had non-stop for three years could happen to coincide with the anniversary of another totally unassociated and major event – the only linkage seemingly being my lackluster and piss poor effort.

Especially with the futures off .2%.

Thank God nothing like that is happening today…

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Holy Crap They Figured It Out – Fed Policies Screw Poor People!

This is a day for the history books. A major news network – not Fox News – has finally managed to piece together that Federal Reserve policies displace economic hardship from the wealthy to the poor.

And CNN too, of all the criters.

It only took them 3 years, 9 months, and about 28 days – but they got there.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The Federal Reserve’s most recent stimulus is expected to boost home prices and the stock market, but what if you’re too poor to invest in either?

The Fed unveiled its third round of stimulus last week. The massive bond-buying initiative, called quantitative easing, aims to prop up the economy through a few key channels — namely the housing market and thestock market.

Both of those channels skew in favor of Americans who are already in solid financial standing, and it seems the wealthier you are, the more you have to gain.

“Quantitative easing is a blunt tool and cannot really target specific areas of the economy, aside from mortgage rates. Even then, it tends to help the wealthy spectrum of the income distribution,” said Sung Won Sohn, economics professor at Cal State Channel Islands.

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So Dramatic

As the market is off a whopping fraction of a percent, commentators are literally soiling themselves on live television, trying to time the next selloff.

Oil reversed yesterday – to a flurry of publications informing us that the move higher is over with.

Bond analysts are flipping out about Europe.

Romney made some comment most everyone I hang out with agrees with – half of all American’s are lazy tits with zero self-worth – and now a few ancient and withered CNN “journalists” are creaming their pants insisting Obama now somehow has this election in the bag.

And China is thinking of crushing Japan because of some island that might have oil rights.

Folks, this is obviously a drama day. I’m checking my brain out.

Do you understand insignificant this selloff is?

Do you get how high all commodities ramped over the last three weeks as the QE announcement was obviously leaked?

Do you see that European bond yields are still lower than they’ve been all year?

Do you understand that CNN journalists all dorm together in a crawl space and haven’t made a correct prediction in the last 15 years? That the polls coming out have fluctuated consistently by 3% or more, leaving Obama and Romney (the guy supposedly nobody likes) in a virtual tie?

Do you get that Japan has nukes too?

Seriously, this is ridiculous. I’m closing the 9th floor for business early today. My things are packed. I’m closing the door behind me – the lights are flipped off as my hand slides quickly out before the latch locks tight.

Today is just too stupid to get involved with. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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