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Mining for “The Color” Makes a Friday Comeback


With the strength today in the precious metals and miners after some serious liquidation the past few months, here is an interesting look at my “12631 GOLD MINERS” screen I created inside The PPT.

The screen isolates which miners are showing the strongest accumulation scores, or heavy buying, according to the algorithm

Members of The PPT and 12631 can click here to view and save the screen.

(click on image for better view)


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Larry Ellison’s June Champagne Lifestyle Under Scrutiny


Following-up on my last post about Oracle’s longer-term setup, mega alpha male CEO Larry Ellison presides over a company whose stock has been a monster in the month of June. So, let us talk about the stock in the short-term now.

Courtesy of The PPT algorithm’s Seasonality feature, note the performance in the month of June with those twenty-six data points. On average, ORCL gains over 9.1% and is higher over 3/4 of the time in the month of June.

However, we are now already halfway through June 2013 and the stock is red for the month, with earnings coming up next week to boot.

Earnings gambles are not my thing, but these seasonality statistics might give you a small edge if you are looking for action.


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A Heads-Up on the Coming April Levitation


With less than two weeks to go until April, consider this a heads-up about one of the best seasonality plays I can find inside The PPT algorithm. Biotechnology firm Medivation has been up 100% of the time in the month of April, with 15 data points to boot. This stock has been a monster in recent years, as the first time I brought it to your attention in 2011 it was trading at $17.02, and is now at $45.05.

Beyond that, the average return for this stock in the month of April is over 17.5%. The evidence is right here, via screenshot courtesy of The PPT. No losing April’s for MDVN.


Furthermore, observing the daily chart below we can see that the stock has been struggling of late, in a clear corrective pattern since early-February. However, the stock gapped down on Monday and then reversed higher for a reasonably strong close.

In this context, after a downtrend, that candlestick for Monday can be seen as indicating an imminent bullish reversal; a hammer, hammering out a bottom, if you will.

When you couple this technical setup with the looming April seasonality, Medivation becomes an intriguing play to watch going forward.



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Just One More Setup


In addition to the ideas and explanations I gave on Monday night in this post, also keep an eye on the resurgent momentum in the multimedia and graphics software industry. Members of The PPT and 12631 can click here for the full roster of ideas.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is one of the more attractive long setups in the group, on further strength out of the ascending triangle charted below on the daily timeframe.



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Ideas to Push Bears Over the Edge


Courtesy of The PPT algorithm, and one of my favorite saved screens, here are ten heavily-shorted stocks acting well today, ripe for further short squeezes higher into the close.

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