Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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OMG, Solars Are So Random


In college, I chose not to even so much as rush a fraternity–It wasn’t for me. As a consequence, some of the more pretentious girls I knew referred to me simply as “a random,” using the noun form of the word. This was in stark contrast to using the noun forms of frat houses for guys in the greek system, such as “He’s a Theta Chi.” I always thought that was amusing.

The solars have not been my favorite group of stocks to trade over the past several years. My personal experience with them has not been horrible, it just has not been as well as other memories I have with regard to various sectors and stocks. However, an important lesson as a trader is to not develop a “random” aversion to trading a particular group. As tough as it is, you have to erase whatever memories you have of a prior trade gone bad (without forgetting the lesson learned from that losing trade) and try to trade what you actually see on the charts, viewed through the lens of the current state of the broad market. In other words, don’t let a “bad beat” affect your discipline to your detriment.

For the past two weeks or so, despite the fact that solars are known to trade “randomly,” I have pointed out the high probability of swing bottoms in the sector. The potent “bullish abandoned baby” pattern found in TAN, the ETF for solars, was confirmed last week with a roaring rally, followed by the past few days of volatility and chop. What we have now on the daily chart looks to be a bullish consolidation and has my attention. It was tough to chase solars up last week off of the abandoned baby with the broad market whipping around and headlines to no end. For a patient swing trader, though, we now have the set up we want, so long as $8 holds as firm support on TAN.

A few other solars that I am watching: FSLR SPWRA TSL


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  1. chivo

    I’ll take the one on the right…

    …..Oh, shit .. Forgot to read the post!

  2. alaw35

    Who cares about Solar? OK. do you really know these ladies? if so, lucky man. Just lovely. Oh yeah and TAN at 8! Got it. Thanks.

  3. scott

    A cheap but successful attempt at garninshing comment count!

  4. chris

    They called us GDI’s (god damned independents) if we weren’t part of the “Machine” at the University I attended. Interesting dynamic having a sister that was president of her sorority while I was a proud GDI. Happy to say I was part of a revolution that took down the Machine in campus elections. It was a glorious night way the hell back in 1986. Probably sowed the seeds of my Tea Party affiliation today.

  5. Steve Place

    I was the president of my frat for a semester. Best time of my life I never want to do again.

    You really are buying your friends… it comes out to about $12/person/semester, so if they’re dicks just ask them for a refund.

  6. stinkystank

    what are your thoughts on YGE?

    Photo Caption: Like, OMG! Each one of these glasses of wine costs like, $50, but I don’t care. Some silly boy is paying for it. Teeheeheeeheehee!!! Isn’t it just AMAZING how we get through life this way?

  7. checklist

    too poor for frats in college, but I can’t remember any significant percentage of students caring about them. its not like they didn’t let you into their parties anyway.

  8. Nicola

    No sororities at Air Force College.
    I like YGE too

  9. Honest Abe

    The one on the left would put out first (shirt unbuttoned & big beak), the one on the right would give good effort as well due to her lack of upper enhancement, the one in the middle would hold out and make you wait.

    OK, what was this post about again ?

  10. keoni

    The left and middle is my wheelhouse. Girl on right wants love, sorry. I don’t luh these hoes.

  11. azulgrana

    are u kidding me?! – let me break it down for u pussy pikers. the one on the left swallows
    you complete and does it w love, as evidenced by the ability to produce a tight lipped smile on queue.
    the one in the middle is one evolution away from a neandertal, just show her your hedge fund biz card and shes backin it up for you immediately. now…the one on the right, thisd one will rip the wallet out of your pocket, the balls out from under you as quickly as you can say ‘i do’ , and if you even think of cheating, she’ll have daddy drag the SEC diown on your fund faster than you can say elliot spitzer.

    • Honest Abe

      It’s agreed by all that the one on the left would indeed produce actionable results rather straight forward and quick-like. But take note of the 2 rings on the right hand of the one on the right. There’s a degree of sluttiness there that cannot be denied, despite the fact she’d probably score highest on the Wonderlic, as well as her undeniable sweet smile.

      The one in the middle looks as though she could easily score below average on a standard IQ test. She’s probably the friend of a very hot (unapproachable) chick who always comes in second no matter what the game or situation.

      If I had to hire one as a trader, I’d take the one on the left. She knows what she wants, she’s open and direct about it, and she’s not afraid to go after it. Winner !


    I just want to have sex with the one on the left

  13. kunal00

    u guys can have them. frankly im a bit out of the league for all these chicks! im way to much of a face guy. these chicks are business class.

  14. Yogi & Boo Boo

    Wow, so this is where all the comments went. Does anyone read AB anymore? LOL

  15. GYSC

    I knew this post was going to be a fun comment section. I like TAN and YGE as well.

  16. Biff Uppington

    Yes, the girls in the picture washed my Bentley the other day at the charity hoe down.

  17. Real Texan

    The one on the right looks like a young Julia Roberts.

  18. vale

    Since this article is about TAN they should be on the beach in a bikini!

  19. SJGuitarMan

    Can’t really comment on all that other stuff, but, that is a very nice photo of three lovely ladies, Chess!

    Sure got our attention…even if it distracted us from our trading activities! =)

  20. Bullish

    Damn, how did I miss this one yesterday? Great post Chess.

    My question is who is holding the fourth glass of wine?

  21. Tradermarket247

    Lefty’s boobs and righty’s face. Done.