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Driving All Over the Place


The sheer size of the price candlesticks on the daily charts of the major averages point to increasingly violent indecision in this market, as bulls and bears alternate turns on a daily basis holding the initiative. I will flesh out what this means over the weekend in my Strategy Session for 12631 members, as well. The market resembles a sloppy, aggressive driver right now on the road–All over the place.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the small cap ETF on the 30-minute timeframe. Today’s bounce is still not negating the damage done of late.

To my eye, $112.11 above is the first major line in the sand.

With today’s squeeze, I am still staying off the short side in equities until next week.



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  1. bensteinsmoney

    How’s CPL look here?

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  2. carol

    I am shorting! 😉

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