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Will Bill Gross Help Janus Get a Few Octaves Higher?


I am not doing much in terms of new trades today, though natural gas is showing me something by flipped red to green even after yesterday’s rally.

As for Mr. Gross and his move to Janus, it is always interesting when technicals and news just-so-happen to align.

On the monthly chart, below, note the multi-year base breakout after the 2008 crash. A move over $16 would set in motion the breakout with room to move up just above $20.



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  1. magicrobert

    Pundits are already saying that massive exits from PIMCO funds will really hurt the market. Uh-huh. No Gross, no PIMCO. Sure.

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  2. BlueStar

    Here is the math. If bill just gets 10% of Pimco business he doubles JNS revs. Stock worth $22 on that alone. Street is already saying PIMCO will loose 20-30% of assets. Do the math. Higher we go.

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