Sunday, December 4, 2016
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  1. Randad

    fib levels would help fine tune trends and also short term trading scalps. you could be fantastic and fibtastic. you’re one of few guys i would trust with fib levels and fib time analysis. I use it every day even though i don’t post my chart work.I do however put a trade out there after doing my homework first.You have a great weekend too,I am working on a motorcycle and gardening.

  2. Honolulu Trader
    Honolulu Trader

    Dow Jones Transportation Average
    1896-2014 as of April 1 2014

  3. JPMorgains

    A critical juncture indeud. That volume on the q’s was the most in over 2 years.

  4. mattdc

    Excellent presentation!

  5. gatorsun

    Chess,,any opinion on adding to losing trades YELP FEYE WDAY ? averaging down on margin?

    • Honest ABE, nohomo, MD
      Honest ABE, nohomo, MD

      u ever heard da expression throwin good scrilla after bad scrilla?

      Or dat bad money drive out good money?

      Or dat ur first loss is ur bestest loss?

      These sayins aint just pass down from generation to generation from ancient times bc they aint true.

      Face it dawg those trades gone candy corn n no way out cept to grab yo dick n pray, or sell n swear to based god u aint gonna do it again.

      U porlly gonna discard my sage advice cuz u gonna blame the messenger but its the TRUTH B

    • matanzas

      averaging down on margin is a really bad idea

  6. Dr Fly

    Honest Abe mD

    ChessNwine did this video, not me. Bozo

  7. MX2101

    The guy in the picture is gripping on that Knight a bit, eh? 😉

  8. Belzile

    Great recap Chess.

  9. ripper


  10. alf44

    Great … as always !!!
    Nice look too … on holdin’ down that “Front Page Marquee” !

    Kewl of Fly to do that !!!

    • alf44

      … btw, did I mention that I indulged in a pedicure this weekend ?
      Never mind …

  11. unclehar

    Excellent video. What signals are needed for a trend reversal to be in play with these high flyers? Or has that happened already…

  12. dae42

    Great and needed perspective. Thanks for all your hard work, Chess…as usual.