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COMING SOON: chessNwine’s Weekly Strategy Session

Current members of the 12631 Trading Service inside The PPT here at iBankCoin enjoy the comprehensive Weekly Strategy Session I put together each weekend. The goal is to prepare members for the upcoming week of trading, leaving no stone unturned.

In the Weekly Strategy Session, I cover:

  1. The price action of the prior week of trading, with a brief recap.
  2. The leaders and laggards of the market.
  3. The psychology of the market involved at the moment, including analysis of sentiment.
  4. Emphasis on managing risk and all of the potential pitfalls relevant to the current market, such as navigating through earnings season.
  5. Objective technical analysis largely using price, volume, moving averages, and candlestick theory.
  6. My current market posture and how to best express that opinion through portfolio allocations and trading discipline.
  7. Potential scenarios that, if they materialize, would change my current market posture.
  8. Key price levels to observe on the major indices.
  9. My best long and short trading ideas for the week ahead.
  10. A relevant and significant quote or saying from a legendary trader, such as Paul Tudor Jones.

12631 members will continue to get the Weekly Strategy Session as part of their existing membership.

However, non-12631 members will soon be able to subscribe to the Weekly Strategy Session at a very reasonable price.

More to come…

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  1. JohnInNY

    I’m in! What an excellent idea. Since I’m a longer term trader, and love the daily recap vids, I’ll definitely pay for weekly recaps. Good Stuff!

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  2. alf44

    … will the Daily Market Recaps continue ?


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