Monday, December 5, 2016
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Degenerate Traders Place Their Earnings Bets on Apple

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  1. Rhino

    Ah, so I guess I am a degenerate then. I only bot a very small position yet, I am stressing a bit.

    • chessNwine

      Tough to see an edge, but I could see it bouncing short-term.

      • Rhino

        That’s what I’m looking for dude, it has always worked for me with MSFT. I’m already up, and this is a true “cheerleader” stock, so even if they meet I see it going up. Who knows though, maybe not.

  2. ecchymosis

    Did he make the 4?

  3. Joe

    LOLOL great flick

  4. Flicker

    Sometimes being a degenerate is a good thing. The stars lined up for me today as I called my trade this morning and I played it well. Yes I left 20+ points on the table but that’s the trade. Just can not make a habit out of this behavior.

  5. Sooz

    very good..