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No Respect I Tell Ya


“In high school, when I played football I got no respect. I shared a locker with a mop.” -Rodney Dangerfield

Downtown Josh Brown is out with a great piece today, affectionately titled:

TIME’s Embarrassingly Useless “Top 25 Financial Blogs” List”

Here is the list he is referring to:

Complete with a shoutout to iBankCoin, Josh notes the glaring omissions from the list, namely active traders who blog, as well as writers who focus on technical analysis.

My take: Too many economics professors on the list. Way too much macro; Not enough micro. The TIME list illuminates a basic lack of desire to seek out independent blogs that are actually well-read and respected within the realm of traders and investors who take a proactive role in managing their finances. As cool and intellectually stimulating as a blog post may be about why, for example, people in Spain eat less tapas when the economy is under pressure, I believe just as many–if not more–readers are looking for actionable stock ideas and timely broad market commentary.

(Click here for original TIME list)

(Click here for Josh Brown’s piece)

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    whatever chess, TIME is as relevant as the Oscars 🙂

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  2. downtown josh brown

    lolz, thx Chess

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