The Quest For 500, Part 4: An Open Letter to CT Fletcher, “1605 lbs in 3 reps”


I just don’t get it. I see the gym as my temple, but some sorry fuckers always want to come ask me some stupid questions. Asking a question is one thing, asking a question just to tell me what I’m doing “wrong,” is a whole ‘nother story. I’d like to beat all of your faces in. The guy who asked me “why I grabbed the 70 lb DBs because I could only get 3 reps?,” [the beginning of a superset]. The guy that said it didn’t count because it was a “Smith Machine,” when I got 3 reps on the crappy Smith Machine– it sticks at points on the way up –with 540 lbs in just plate weight, going all the way down to the stops, stopping, taking a breath, then coming back up. Or, the dude that said “why do you arch your back when you bench press? Isn’t that dangerous, and shouldn’t you have your elbows out, I even like to have my feet up?”

Mr Fletcher, CT, I want to thank you and Arash for everything you do. San Francisco has no hardcore gyms anymore. I don’t have any training partners, but this week I benched 410 lbs in just “plate weight,” for 5 reps with no spot on the Smith, pulled 675 lbs off of the second pin in the cage, with just a belt and chalk, and squatted 540 lbs in just “plate weight all the way down to the “stop, (see above). If you just took the best rep of all three, they would add up to   1605 lbs. I want so bad to be a “sick motha fucka.” No matter what, I go all out, all the time.

Have you ever even lifted that in your life? @chessNwine @RaginCajun @a_bh_a @UncleBuccs @The_Analyst and the GURU @marc_david can vouch for my lifts. I didn’t have a spotter on ANY of them, but that didn’t stop me. I’m not scared of shit, everyday I wake up and watch CT say this. I go to the gym actively looking to kick pain’s ass, just like I kick adversity’s ass the rest of the time. Whether it’s the one company I am running, the two I am working on starting, my blogging, my quest to bench 500 lbs, or training to try out for the San Jose Sabercats.

Every night, before bed, I watch this, great words by CT. I will be bench pressing 500 lbs within the next month. Bet on that, SNAP CITY PUSSIES.

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  1. (i am the dude who had his eye poked out in a tunnel in THE NAM in 1969 and then smoked a “J” under the stage at WOODSTOCK (there really was only one) BTW, I put a .45 cal thru that fuckin gooks head) Any how… Rhino… dial your hostility of civilians in the gym… on the street… in traffic and say “Thank You” for you comments. Then take that energy BACK IT IS FREE POWER./ You need to get
    this..Don’t burn the power and waste another 20 years like I did.

  2. You are still wasting it man.. you are not there yet. Wanna be great stop internalizing the idiocy of most humans.. The FLY gets it.. Lets start ok? Don’t look for validations.. you did your time and self validated.

  3. ? How do you eat and elephant?


    What elephant?

    The one that is inside me, stopping me from my goals/

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