Rhino’s Easter/Passover Post


Whether you believe that Christ died for all of our sins, then was resurrected from the dead, that Moses lead the chosen out of Egypt, and/or that a large fluffy bunny lays chocolate eggs with cream filling , use the time this weekend to enjoy your friends and family. Please keep all the folks in Afghanistan  and other places far form their families in your thoughts, and their kids who don’t get to hunt eggs with them. Even if you don’t believe in any of the above, I just ask that you use the holiday time to realize we’ve really got it pretty good.

10 yrs ago I was sitting on an MRE box in PT shorts and a brown t-shirt, taking mass from the battalion chaplain. The first, and only, time I would go to mass while I was in the Army. This weekend I will be working the entire time– save for Easter Dinner with the lady’s family –and I may, in fact, Skype my parents on the East Coast with my Nexus 10.

Sláinte and L’Chaim


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