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DOW Out of Control

Just buy something!

It seems the bulls want it more, and stocks are ripping! As I said earlier, I like [[BIDU]], [[MELI]], & [[VMW]] right here.

Also, take a look at the consolidation in [[V]], if this puppy can break $65, next stop will be $70.

Note: My [[CHNR]] trade is working out pretty good, still long.

Note II: Watch [[GHM]]

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Market Going Nowhere

With the bad jobs report, the bears have good reason to take the market lower. However, all bad news is good news in the eyes of the bulls, so it looks like we might play tug of war for a while.

I will leave the trading up to you today, on days like today I normally get whipped around by mother market.

As I type, the market is moving higher. It looks like the fat kid fell on the bears side, but look for him to get up and start pulling right back.

If I was forced to go long, I would look @ [[VMW]], [[MELI]], & [[BIDU]]

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Earlier today Juice asked, “If anyones got any Chinese Lotto picks dusted off, share them please.”

How about a little [[CHNR]], this one is known for making huge moves. keep it on your radar:


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Do you see what’s going on

with [[V]]? I’m long some call options, but you would know that if you were following me on twitter.

I’m also in [[VMW]], it’s all about the V.

Taking both home with me tonight.

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