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The bears are just about dead, and beyond stubborn at this point. Once again we start the week with some prime setups on our momentum scan. China continues to be piping hot this week with $BABA breaking out to fresh all-time highs. $BA digested all recent news rather well and now setup to run back to +$200. Oil service names such as $SLB all have volume pockets to fill just above. Just when you think we can’t go any higher, more bullish charts emerge. It’s tough be a bear.

Here is Monday’s full momentum scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS, with a few of my favorite charts below:

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Happy 4th Of July! Here Are Your Top Ranked Stocks

We definitely saw some fireworks yesterday as we closed out the week. After the move this week, and the incredible move we saw last quarter, here are your top ranked stocks. It’s worth noting that the rankings are measured by the hybrid score, which is a blend of the financial score and technicals. The rankings are constantly changing and can be found in real time HERE (sub required).

For those not subscribed to Exodus, have no fear I will import the tickers to finviz for your viewing pleasure. Without further hesitation, HERE IS YOUR TOP 100 LIST as we head into the nation’s birthday.

INDEED, Guns take the number one spot via $SWBI:


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Upward Momentum Continues

In a matter of time (over the weekend), two trading days to be exact, stocks went from “crashing” back to “squeezing” any and all who bet against it. Just take a look at the insane action on the 50 day moving average as buyers stepped in all day on support:

$SPX 3,000 is the line in the sand at this point for the bulls.


With today’s action, the Exodus momentum screen is lighting up once again, this time with 140+ names to choose from. For those that feel like surfing through the screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

My favorite setups to watch this week from today’s screen include:

Exodus members make sure to bookmark the momentum screen HERE, for real time updates.

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Gold & Covid-19 Test Kits

After scanning the Exodus top 100 list this weekend, it appears that gold miners have the best looking charts. There are also two “Covid-19 test kit” stocks making the top 100 worth watching, all of which I will highlight below. For those interested in the full screen this weekend: CLICK HERE.

We’ll start with the precious metal plays since gold has a shot to take out 1800 this week. Should that move decide to begin this week, here are the names to look for according to our algorithm:


As for Covid spiking across the nation, here are two test kit plays that popped up on my weekend screen. Look for early action as I suspect momentum to spill over from Friday:


As always, Exodus make sure to bookmark the Top 100 Screen here to view daily updates: BOOKMARK SCREEN HERE.

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Covid related stocks are once again ripping as the second wave makes a big splash around the country, specifically Houston:


$INO was all the rage this morning with ambitious short sellers adding fuel to the fire. I think everyone on my twitter stream is looking for a blow off top tomorrow. $INO was trending on the masterlist inside Exodus all day, congrats to all who are long. $35 in after-hours, wow.


Animal health is just as important as human life, which is why $ZOM was bid up furiously by penny stock traders. This animal/covid play also trended on the Exodus masterlist, which is why I bring it up. The chart and volume today was nice:


$IBIO another favorite here, and a current holding, also made it back to the masterlist. Keep this one on watch here, it trended nicely in after-hours:


As for non-covid related plays, the financials were on fire. The Fly had the Exodus room in $FAS early, and indeed it was the correct play. Just look at the banks on today’s screen:


$TLRY popped on the screen late with patent news. The stock is coiled and trading above average volume, it’s worth a watch here:


And, the local favorite, $WTRH, is back on the list. As restaurants shut down once again, the delivery plays are heating up. Above 2.50 and this has a shot to break higher:


For today’s full masterlist inside Exodus: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Members: Make sure to bookmark screen HERE.

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Market Momentum Continues Into New Week

It’s hard to kill a bull when you have Apple Computer hitting all-time highs in perpetuity. Forget that the company is once again shutting down the doors due to COVID, investors just want to own $AAPL. As for me, I will not buy a single share with a valuation of 1.5 Trillion. I just can’t do it. Regardless, $AAPL remains on the momentum screen:


Another name trading with a trillion dollar valuation is Microsoft. Well, $MSFT also landed on Monday’s momentum screen keeping the bull market more than alive:


Biotech stocks also remain strong, with $XBI continuing it’s move back to all-time highs. Another windfall for the bulls:


Today’s full momentum screen has been imported to finviz for your viewing pleasure CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Charts of interest for the week include:

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