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Back To The Doldrums

So much for that flag pattern developing between the 50 & 20 day moving average for the market. More bad inflation data have the bears back to throwing parties into the weekend as they prepare to crash the close at 3:30PM ET. Any ground that I gained at the beginning of the week has been erased, yes back to the doldrums.

Scans are light this morning and back to bearish ETFs having all the volume:


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Time To Buy Tesla Yet?

The market is relatively flat as we head into lunch and still meanders between the 20 & 50 day MA, as it continues to grind out a flag pattern. Today though, it seems to be all about $TSLA, at least that what my scans are saying this morning:


Oil is muted here at $120, but the small cap oils continue to pop on scan here and there. I don’t have much for you today, except $TSLA.

Enjoy your day!

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Things continue to build in a positive direction for stocks, at least in the short term. China once again had a strong move, with your father, $BABA, having another nice day. The S&P500 continues to flag out right underneath the 50 day EMA, a break above should set us up for at least a short term push higher.


RIG bros got a nice move yesterday and now is testing $5, things get a little thin there if we can push back over recent highs, 5.50s. Also, from yesterday’s scan, $LABU finally made the move off the lows and is following through nicely this morning. In today’s scan, I see my favorite ticker, $RBLX, hitting the tape. Even up 8% this morning, I still like it as a swing trade:


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The Momentum Flows Through Black Gold

Oil is back near $120 again, and at this point looking to break above early 2022 highs. What stops this freight train from hitting $200 this year? Definitely not the warm gulf waters as hurricane season looms, just take a look at how we are setting up into the summer:


As for your movers today, oil & gas names are stealing the show once again, with a hint of Biotechnology.


On my scans I’m seeing lower-tier oils litter the list, names like $IMPP & $HUSA hitting the tape. I also see $LABU fighting its was back on scan. I still hold some $RIG & $REI for my oil needs & tempted to try another LABU trade. Let’s see if we get a big momentum shift back into the oils as the rest of the market struggles to find its way. Developing…

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Solar, Semis, & Chinese burritos

Could this be the beginning of a new leg higher? or is there more pain to come in the back half of 2022? Your guess is a good as mine here, as I have struggled durning the first half of the year. My performance has been lackluster, pretty much in-line with the indices and nothing to be proud of.

In the midst of QE tightening, could we finally be carving out a short term bottom? The semiconductor names showing up to the party is a good sign. It’s also good to see China bouncing (BABA +$100), and bitcoin shooting back above 30K. But, in my opinion, i just cant see how we bottom here. Regardless of views, here are some names on my radar today based of scans:

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March Madness Is Here; Enter You Pick In the Comment Section

The 15th annual “2021 March Madness Stock Tournament” is here. Registration is now open! To enter this tournament, the rules are very simple:

  • Place your stock pick in the comment section
  • No duplicate picks (time stamp in comment section wins out).
  • NO ETFs
  • And, stocks must be over $10
  • The stock tournament will run for six weeks: contestants will go head to head with a new opponent each week, with the winner advancing to the next round. Scores reset each week to keep a level playing field.

I’ll keep things simple this year and go with $TWTR as my pick. Good luck all, you may now enter your pick in the comment section below:


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