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Hump Day: Let’s Get Into More Charts

This is where it truly becomes a stock pickers market. Forget what the indices are doing, there is action to be had in individual names. Our Exodus screens are lighting up once again with many many tickers. It’s almost becoming a task to sort through them, but it signals bullish activity.

Let’s take a look a the names closing near the highs of the day despite the weak overall close. These are the names I want to watch into tomorrow tape. $GE even made tonight’s list, and I must admit it looks good to go. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCREEN.

My favorite charts include:


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Here Are Some Of Today’s Top Hybrid Movers: Chart Porn

The hybrid screen is buzzing again as stocks continue to find their footing. Today’s hybrid screen sports over 200+ tickers, for those that feel like doing a little chart surfing, here are today’s top movers within our Algo: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

For those just looking for the best charts to trade tomorrow. Here are a few of my favorite setups from today’s screen:


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Eating Crow: $SNAP Trades Lower As CFO Steps Down

I had a very timely post yesterday as the stock of $SNAP was flagging above the 50 day moving average. Unfortunately, for me and anyone long the name, we will face serious pain tomorrow as stop loses trigger around the globe. This has the classic making of a rout coming directly at $SNAP’s head. There is no way to sugarcoat this, here is the forecast for shareholders tomorrow:


Mea Culpa on the timing of my last post. $SNAP is back in the doghouse as their organizational structure continues to be in shambles. This is a red flag. Here are the details on the CFO departing CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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Look At That Form: $SNAP to $80

$SNAP is currently my largest position, and my stock of the year for 2019, so imagine how pleased I was seeing this note first thing in the morning: SNAP upgraded to $80.00/share.


Obviously, we all knew there was a typo this morning, but it made for a good headline tonight. All jokes aside, take a look at the location for SNAP here. We are already up a quick buck to start the year, with the stock flagging out right above the 50 day moving average. A move above $6.50, today’s high, likely takes us straight to $8.00 (minus the one zero from $80.00). Traders can use the 50 day moving average to manage risk here. It’s a buy on strength (I’m talking my book again).


And, for today’s momentum Monday screen inside Exodus, here are a few tickers to watch for the upcoming week.

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One Weed Stock, One China Lottery Ticket, & One Beat Up Recent iPO

There are a bunch of names on today’s top hybrid mover screen, one of which I bought. $SPOT is the recent iPO left for dead after investors ran for cover over a lawsuit; I added to my position today. $NIO also has my interest with $KNDI lighting up the screens. $NIO had the second largest move in Hybrid score today, next to none other than tonight’s weed stock, $ACB. Keep an eye on these three as we finish the week. Today’s full list can be found HERE.

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Momentum Monday With A little T-N-A

Stocks are moving well this morning as we start a fresh new week in 2019, specifically the small caps. From our momentum screen, inside Exodus, here are a few names worth keeping an eye on today. I’ve imported the tickers straight from Exodus for your viewing pleasure:


Tickers of interest today include: AMD, ROKU, NFLX, TWLO, GM, TNA, SONO

The bulls are pressing here! It should be a good week all around. Good luck traders.

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