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Technology Bulls Rejoice; Tim Apple Leads The Way

Technology led the way today with the $XLK up a cool 2.5%. $AAPL was very impressive and ran all day on notes that they could fetch 100 million subs from their new content business, and that the company may be announcing another huge buyback plan.

The largest “hybrid” movers in Tech today are found in the screenshot below, and there are some great charts in here: APPN, ZAYO, AMBA, VZ, LEDS, MIME, TWOU.


$SQ is another name that saw a big jump in hybrid score, but did not make the screenshot above. I like SQ here, especially if Bitcoin can gain traction over 4K. And, let’s talk about $STNE while we’re at it, what a thing of beauty. That stock continues to be a “buy on dips” kind of name.

It should be another fun day tomorrow as we round out another week of our Stock Madness Tournament. See you guys inside the Exodus chat. Happy Trading all!

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Loading China Screens…

Just when you think the small cap lotto is over–BAM! we get another microcap, $GLG, launching 100% in after-hours on a comical PR. Are we starting to see a move from Biotech to the Chinese Lotto? Are we getting a trade deal soon? We’ve played this game before, we even made a Chinese Lotto YouTube video in the past. I have screens inside Exodus from that era to help in your search, as well as new ones.

Members, feel bookmark the following links:


The Fly’s Chi-Coms

Chinese Burritos

Chinese Burrito Volume Scan 

Chinese Lotto


Screenshot courtesy of The Fly’s Chi-coms inside Exodus

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Lotto Tickets Still Available

The chasers are still out there swishing around money trying to find the next $BPTH, and the Exodus lotto screen is still buzzingOn the very top of today’s screen inside Exodus is $YRIV, up a cool 25%, and MOAR in after hours. Which one will it be tomorrow?

Tonight’s full lotto screen produced 59 tickers to sort through. For those that feel like doing some chart surfing, CLICK HERE.

Oil & Gas stocks showed up heavy today: NE, RRC, NBR, WTI, CRC, SM, SLCA.

TNDM is likely my favorite chart from tonight’s screen. And, here some other biotech bombs to watch based on today’s action: ZYNE, CLSD, AYTU, KPTI, & VSTM.

Exodus members can monitor this screen throughout the trading day simply by bookmarking the following link: “LOTTO SCREEN“.

It should be another fun day in The Pelican Room. See you guys at the open…

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The Top 100 Ranked Names Inside Exodus

Here is weekend look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside iBankCoin’s trading software, Exodus. I’ve pulled the tickers straight from our “Top 100 Screen” inside Exodus, and placed them into finviz for your viewing pleasure. This week, I lowered my average volume filter due to the microchips running.

Lotto plays from the week now in the Top 100: SEEL, TNXP, TROV, PULM, TRNX, ICON, INPX, & BLRX.

Gold also got a huge boost this week with tickers all over the Top 100, and in my opinion, the biggest thing to note from this week’s screen. Here are the top tickers based on a combined technical & Fundamental score: AUY, GOLD, KGC, GFI, AU, EGO, PAAS, SAND, EXK, AEM, RGLD

To me, the best looking chart from the screen is $TTD, the Wall Street darling. I like it here for the 200 day roll with a stop under Friday’s low.

For those interested in viewing this weekend’s top stocks in chart form, CLICK HERE. Exodus members can view and bookmark the ranking screen HERE.

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No Time For Blogging When The Trading Room Is Buzzing

Wow, what a week in the market as we officially have a bubble taking place in the marketplace. One day it’s cannabis stocks, the next day it’s biotech, the next day China, the next day blockchain– Rinse & Repeat.

We have a little lotto screener we are using daily to find these plays, Exodus members can bookmark it HERE. You can also sort the plays by which stocks are trading near the highs of the day, (Bookmark HERE).

For those that have yet to join “The League Of Extraordinary Men & Women in Exodus, a snapshot is found below of tonight’s screens, enjoy!


Today was all about $SEEL, which one will it be tomorrow?


NOTE: Here is your bracket update for our March Madness tournament: CLICK HERE. I need oil to come back hard taking $SLB with it. Good luck all!

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March Madness Begins Today….Here Are The 2019 Brackets

Thank you to all who participated in our 12th annual Stock Madness draft this weekend. The brackets have been made public to Google sheets and are available for viewing in the link below. The spreadsheet should update in real time, so be sure to bookmark this link: 2019 Stock Madness Bracket

My pick in $SLB looks to get a good start as oil is back over $56 and running. Good luck all!

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