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FaceBook Wants To Be In Your Living Room; Welcome To The Portal

Facebook’s Vice President for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Andrew Bossworth, explains the new portal device rolling out from the company. Facebooks wants to be the device that connects you to your loved ones always, and are emphasizing more privacy, as they should. I can only imagine what life will be like, 20 years from now, with your very own portal device. We are living in interesting times.


Let’s watch the price action here for $FB as we are near an action point. I’m not sure if this portal news has enough to catapult the stock higher, but it could be more fuel for the move. Over $189 and $FB takes aim for $200+. Keep it on watch here:


More about the Portal from Engadget HERE.

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Oil Takes A Pause; Solar Gets In Gear

Oil falls back below $60/brl, but the bulls are fighting hard to retain that level. The solar industry, however, is trying to make a move here as a few key names are breaking higher this morning. From our momentum screen inside Exodus, $SPWR is on top of the list. $TERP also made our screens this morning, and has a daily chart ripe for a continued move higher. How about best of breed, $FSLR? It looks to be marching back to recent highs. Here’s a look at the charts below:


Other than energy and solar, here are a few other tickers worth watching today: TXG, HUYA, & FVRR. You can view today’s full momentum screen, in its entirety, HERE.

Good luck trading all.

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What A Day To Own Oil

I got a lot of flack for going long oil the other week as prices were deflated. People were tossing out $SLB like it was a OTC pink sheet, all while yielding 7%. How about $APA? Right after the huge $APC deal and the fight for rights in the Permian Basin, $APA was thrown out in the trash can, at one point it was sub $20. These are two names I thought you had to buy, and today we were greatly rewarded. See my trade alerts in Exodus:


As you can imagine our momentum screen is loaded with oil and gas plays after the day we had in the commodity, here is the screen at the close: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

From today’s screen, here are some charts to watch for Tuesday’s trading session:

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Friday Speculation Trade: APRN; & Your Momentum List

The momentum screen has a few names worth watching today. $BLUE from last night’s hybrid list is moving well today, and so is $NFLX. $NFLX is finally seeing a relief rally after being beat down from a disappointing quarter and the AppleTV+ news. $APRN is another name from today’s screen that The Fly slayed inside the Exodus Trading room, see below screenshot:


Here are the charts once again for $NFLX & BLUE:


Today’s full momentum screen can be found HERE.

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All-Time Highs Are In Sight; More Charts To Review

3028 is the recent high for the S&P 500, and I thought early on we might break through it. However, that would have been too easy, and the result may have been a failed high as the buying dried up late in the day. I like this setup better, a pause, then break. We could very well put in a doji candle tomorrow, which could give more fuel when we break to new highs. I’ve also heard talks of triple tops too. I’m ready for anything.

While we prepare for new highs, let’s get a fresh look at the hybrid screen. Today we have fewer results, but still a bunch to work with. For those that want to view the whole screen without filters, I’ve imported to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE

Charts are interest from today’s screen include:


Note/disclaimer: I bought some $NVTA today. Let’s get some new highs.

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Futures Point Higher; Here Are Wednesday’s Hybrid Movers

The futures got started early this evening, and technicals are starting to point higher. The small caps are running like mad, and The Fly is trading them well inside Exodus. Our overall hybrid screen is littered once again with tickers, so let’s take a look at the screen for tomorrow’s trading session.

I’ve imported today’s full screen for non members HERE. If you have some time make sure to sort through the list, there are a some gems inside. For those with little time, I’ll highlight my favorite setups below:

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