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The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is Here…..Here Are Your Stocks To Watch Today

“For thousands of years, one of the most dramatic historical sequences has been in how humans get around. First, it was on foot, then by animal, by ship, by wheeled cart and carriage, by rail, and finally internal combustion. With these changes came the utter transformation of civilization — of cities, towns, and landscapes, local and global economies, society, culture, and courtship. Now, the benefit of 137 years of tinkering is proving Edison wrong: Human mobility appears to be on the cusp of the next shift — to electric and perhaps driverless propulsion. Appears to be because we can’t be sure what is coming, at what scale, at what price, and precisely when. Read full article HERE


The above article was trending on twitter yesterday, and $TSLA happens to get an upgrade this morning. $NIO, the so-called Chinese Tesla, got the latest earnings report out of the way and it looks to be business as usual.

The Stocklabs screen is lighting up this morning with more tickers trading above average volume, here are your charts to watch today:

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  1. tradercaddy

    The EV era today is pretty much like the Oregon Trail days if one wants to take any kind of a road trip.
    I have had my EV for almost a year and it’s the best driving car I have had in the last 50+ years and alot of fun.
    Our first road trip wasn’t very far (Orlando-Savannah) but memorable. Keep in mind we are retired so we are in no rush to get to our destination.
    The EV has an EPA range of 260 miles on a full charge and based on that we would have been good except it was a hot July, we were doing 75 on the Interstate, and running the AC. This alone knocks the mileage down about 20% (not counting the regenerative braking that we had on slowdowns).
    So I went for a L3 “fast charge” which puts about 100 miles into it in about 30 minutes.
    There were 6 Electrify America chargers and 5 were flat out not working. I go to number 6 and it kept disconnecting me. It was about 115 degrees on the asphalt and thankfully the customer service person I called was able to remotely connect me.
    Still, it was all fun.
    I do have a L2 charger in my garage and can put about 28 miles/hr. into the EV if I need to.
    I can’t wait to get rid of my ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and buy another EV but I will wait a couple years to see what is in the market.

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