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The End Of An Era….Here Are Your Top Ranked Stocks

It’s the end of an Era for Donald Trump, and stocks are clearly telling you that, as solar and environmental stocks make it to the top 25 this week:


As the week ended, cannabis stocks made large waves as it appears the democrats will decriminalize the flower and pardon hundreds of thousands of individuals with dime bag charges. Also, it appears we may get a cannabis infused drink finally as $NBEV makes it to the top 100.

Indeud, “Fuck Donald Trump” is trending again, and it feels like we are making a big shift into the future with green energy. You are either happy with the shift coming or feel betrayed by your country. If you feel bent-out-of-shape over the election, the good news is…soon you will be able to smoke your worries away. If you feel out of shape, well, Biden already said he would shut down gymnasiums, so go get a dog and walk.

All is working towards the master plan, America will be stoned focused on the sun, and China will be waiting in the background with the greatest invention America has ever witnessed, TickTok………..BOOOOM.

Here are your top 100 ranked stocks as of week ended November 6th, 2020: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Enjoy the weekend fellas….

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