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Stocks Set To Squeeze Higher

Stocks bounced off our oversold technical reading in Stocklabs and managed to close at the highs of the day. The momentum scan is fired up with 200+ names to sort through, so let’s take a look at our next batch of trade ideas.

$AG, a former Rediit favorite and play on Silver, looks ready to run here should we get some help from the shiny metal. If Gold and silver start to see price appreciation, $AG is where you want to be for a squeeze:


$TME, a name that was caught up in the Archegos’ liquidation sale, and a name I picked up today, looks ready for a few days of green after some relentless selling:


$FUBO is giving us another entry for a possible high percentage gainer. The fintwit community loves to argue about this name, but I’m just here to ride the momentum and jump off. Our risk is defined with a stop just underneath the recent lows. Lets see if we can power through $20:


There are a many more great setups in today’s momentum screen, make sure to CLICK HERE FOR FULL SCAN.

Note: Our Premium service Stocklabs is finally here, but only open to existing subs. The Fly might open it back up this year if he’s felling generous. Congrats to everyone who got in, and make sure to upgrade to PRO to access the full real time features. My go-to scan for ideas can be found HERE.

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