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Standouts From Tonight’s Screen

The Coinbase iPO is upon us and the valuation is literally increasing in size overnight as Bitcoin breaks out to new heights. I’m not sure what to make of the $COIN iPO, simply due to the hype surrounding the name. Yes, I want to own it, but at what cost?

As we head into euphoria for bitcoiners around, I took shares of $GRNQ as it landed on our momentum scan. $LGHL also landed on the scan late in the day and popped nicely in after-hours. Keep those two small gems on watch tomorrow.

$TSLA was the standout Tuesday, and may continue to squeeze like a penny stock due to it’s pretty large stake in Bitcoin. Indeed, owning Tesla is owning Bitcoin. $XPEV also looks good from tonight’s scan (note: make sure to click symbol links for hover charts).

I also opened a new swing in $AI, as the stock appears to finally be finding a floor at the $58-59 level. As long as we hold said levels, I will let this oversold darling work. For today’s full momentum scan: CLICK HERE

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