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Volume Remains Light, But We Are Still Getting It Out The Muds

The Fly is on Vacation and everyone had their $YETI tumblers this morning to see him off inside Stocklabs. Nobody can beat my Yeti collection, as it is mandatory living in sportsman paradise. Here’s a live look of myself displaying the bear repellent goods:


Our momentum scanner also displayed the goods this morning, flagging both $YETI and $MUDS early on. $MUDS was a layup trade with the MLB collab news and TopShot movement still going strong. Indeed, there was a crazy amount of people waiting in line this afternoon for a pack of TopShot digital cards priced at $999. Imagine the numbers $MUDS will put up upon launch of MLB digital classic cards #tooEasy.

Other names on Monday’s momentum scan include: $BABA, $TSLA, & $NVDA, all of which look good to go here. $DGLY also popped on late with more news of civil unrest in MN. For Monday’s full scan CLICK HERE.

As for tomorrow’s trade? We’ll wait to see what the Delta screen in Stocklabs spits out (Today was $MUDS). I’d be willing to bet @Benncohen (Stocklabs newest Delta student) and I smoke tomorrow’s trade once again. For more info on our new screener and chat room: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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