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2021 March Madness Winner: GreenMachine

The 14th annual March Madness tournament has concluded and Legacy Exodus member, @GreenMachine, has won the tournament with $OTEX. The final was a complete upset over The Mailman and $JNJ, the top seed throughout the contest. As you know $JNJ fell apart today, the last day of the tournament, on quality control issues. Congrats GreenMachine!

In other news, the soft rollout of Stocklabs is here and only available to current subscribers.  Once the bugs are worked out, The Fly will open the doors for new subs. The daily YouTube streams have also concluded with the soft launch, but we may open up a power lunch series to the public (developing…). For now, expect the trade ideas to pick back up on the blog.

Here is the final bracket for 2021: MARCH MADNESS

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