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Momentum Monday Is Back With Fresh “STIMMY”

The Exodus momentum scan is firing on all cylinders to start the week, just as fresh stimulus checks hit the pockets of millions of Americans. It appears that this installment of “Stimmy” is going right into $CCIV, as the name finally finds it’s footing after the CEO teases us with a test drive video (see bottom of post for video). $AAPL also looks solid into the week as it wrestles with the 20 day moving average, and Gold is also perking up as it hears the money printer kicking into overdrive.

For those interested in tonight’s full momentum screen, I’ve imported the results to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorites for the week include:


ICYMI: Here is the Lucid Air CEO test drive:


And, here is the New EV Truck Reveal from Canoo. How do you guys feel about the design? $GOEV was active and green all day on today’s scan.

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