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Momentum Monday

What an odd trading day to start the week. I was expecting the bottom to fall out this morning, but the bulls maintained their composure. It almost felt like many participants were positioned short given the jumpy price action intraday. And, judging by the after-hours session, it seems more traders are covering.

We could be in for one hell of a Tuesday, with free commissions across the globe (sans Fidelity), with shorts getting squeezed yet again.

As for stocks, $DOCU looked like the clear winner on the day. $UBER finally got off the mat with an upgrade, but I still can’t get behind it. $TSLA had a good day on more semi-truck news (I still own a position). And, the $MTCH recaptured all important moving averages. All four tickers were on Monday’s momentum screen, you can view the full screen HERE.

And, watch those tankers: TNK, FRO, SALT

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