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It’s The Weekend; Here Are Your Top Ranked Stocks

October started off with visions of a $VIX Halloween, but soon turned into another 200 moving day reversal. As long as the 200 day moving average holds on the S&P 500, the bulls are in control.

It’s been a few weeks since we looked at the top ranked names inside Exodus, so let’s take a look at the list after the latest shakeout. I’ve imported the top 100 ranked names from Exodus, leaving out names that trade with little to no volume: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

The link above sorts the list by average volume not the actual ranking, to view the rankings, save and bookmark the Exodus screen HERE. The talking heads on CNBC stated we needed to see $MU bounce for the market to reverse, indeed $MU did and made the list. $AAPL is also on this week’s screen. Here are a few of my favorite setups as we head into a new week, see charts below:

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