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There Is A Lot Of Noise. A Lot A Lot Of Noise

Warren Buffet is buying the financials hand over fist here, specifically the $JPM. Apple computer has built the best cellular computer phone the world has ever seen, and people are paying $1500 for it– without batting a single eyelash. Oil is now back down to the low 50s, and we magically have more money to spend for Christmas due to saving at the pump. I swear Donald Trump is a mother fucking genius.

I like everything I saw today, from a bullish perspective. I even think $AAPL has bottomed for the rest of the year. The market needs $AAPL to trade higher, just like it needs the financials to trade higher. The $XLF, the ETF which tracks the financials, has a nice bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern developing. see graphs below:


If this bullish tone continues into the week, here are some names moving up in the Exodus ranks. (Members can save screen HERE)

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