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When and What to Invest

The stock market rules the economy in the United States. Smart businessmen have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their investments while the unfortunate find themselves sorely in debt. That being said, learning the ins and outs of how to invest is an extremely profitable skill. The purpose of this article is to give you the insights and knowledge that you need to successfully navigate the stock market.


When to Invest

If you’re just starting your investments, you’ll feel nervous about messing it up. Start small–invest just a little. But start now. Start whenever you have extra funds. Make sure that you save enough to cover your own basic needs but don’t be afraid to put the extra into stocks.


Many experts will say, “Buy low, sell high”. They suggest putting your money into the stock market only when the stocks are in the red and selling only when they’re in the green. The idea is great in theory. If practical, you would be capitalizing on stock at their lowest and selling at optimal points. It would allow you to get the greatest benefit from the market. However, the stock market is up 70% of the time and down 30%. If you bide your time and wait for the 30%, you lose on a lot of the gains that you could have made. That being said, the right time to start investing is whenever you can.


The experts are right when they advise to only sell when it’s red. If you already have stocks invested, don’t sell when it’s dropping. Beginners would argue to sell once the stocks drop and run away with the money that you can salvage. But instead, if you buy more stocks while the market is dropping you will get more high-value stock for much less than you would have originally. Trust that the market will rise–as it eventually always does.


What to Invest In

This topic will encompass the bulk of the article because this is what will bring you the most income. Try to avoid investing in single stocks. They are considered high risk. As an investor, your portfolio will be severely affected if the single stock that you happened to buy drops. Never put all your eggs in just one basket.


Instead, think about it like this: if you had $1000 to invest, would you invest it yourself or would you give it to the top 500 CEOs to invest it for you? The obvious answer is that you would allow the top 500 CEOs to invest it for you. It’s like allowing ClickFunnels to give you a headstart in business. They are already successful businessmen who have an eye for the game of Wallstreet. Let them do their job. This analogy is the S&P 500. It is the top 500 companies rolled into one easy investment. You are betting on their success as a whole rather than narrowing your options down to one. The safest bet is looking into index funds or mutual funds which diversify your portfolio and mitigate losses.


How to Invest

For easy investing, look into finding an investing app that works for you. Here is a list of the top-rated apps for 2018. Explore each of them and find what you like and what you don’t. Some have benefits that would be lost on a beginning investor but that would be helpful for an experienced investor. If you are still hesitant, try a free app that allows for free transfers between the stock market and your bank account.


Most importantly, start as soon as you can. You’ll find that the market is more forgiving than you might originally think.

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Investing In the Stock Market Requires In Depth Research

Investing money in the stock market comes with a significant amount allure and excitement for a lot of people. Furthermore, investing in some fashion is likely going to be a necessity in order for you to achieve your long-term financial goals. When you are looking to invest in the markets, you likely will find that you need to be able to pick the right stocks. To do this, you will need to do a lot of different types of research to ensure you are making a good investment. There are a variety of tips that you should follow that could help you better analyze and assess potential stock investments.


Understand Industry Trends

When you are trying to analyze an individual company, it is also very important to spend time with assessing the direction of the overall industry. You will want to find companies that are operating in industries that have room for growth and are trending in the right direction. You should also try to avoid companies that are not doing well and are in industries that appear to be trending backwards. Furthermore, it is important to analyze the industry to identify who the key leaders of the industry are. If your target company seems to be lagging in the industry, it may be a bad investment option.


Know the Numbers and Fundamentals

When people are looking for a stock to pick, many end up getting very excited about recent product releases, trends, and other types of noise that are very exciting. However, ultimately the company is only worth what it can produce and make. You should make sure that you are spending just as much time understanding the financials and fundamentals as you are focusing on the growth and development of the company. You should focus on a variety of key fundamentals including P/E ratio, debt levels, and income trends.


Listen to Calls

While it can be very helpful to read annual and quarterly reports to get a look at the financials, one of the best things that you could do would be to listen to the actual quarterly and annual calls with investors. When you listen to these calls, you will be able to get a lot of insight into the direction of the company from the CEO and other key leadership. This can give you a better glimpse into what the insiders are thinking. If the insiders seem to have a negative point of view, it could be a stock that you should either avoid entirely or bet against. After the calls are over, you will also be able to read reviews written by the leading stock analysts. This could give you even more insight into what occurred on the call, which would allow you to make more informed investment decisions about the stock and company.


Analyze Key Leadership

Ultimately, the success of a company and the underlying stock will only be as good as the people that lead the company. Because of this, you should do a little bit of work to understand the background and skill set of the CEO and other leading members of the company. You should look to get a better understanding of whether the key leadership have strong professional backgrounds, are skilled in negotiation training, and have had success in helping to lead other strong companies. This should help you to understand whether or not the key leaders are capable of leading and growing the company.


Finally, whenever you are looking to invest in the market, you need to carefully consider your risk tolerance. While investing is important, it also comes with a lot of risk. Because of this, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose. You should also make sure that you are diversified across a variety of different companies and industries. This can help to minimize your losses if the market or stocks turn against.

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