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Added To SXCP

I made purchases of SXCP for $24.64, adding to my position.

My current account balance stands at 118% margin.

My wash sale of NADL was total luck. I got pissed off at them for failing to close the deal with Rosneft so I spiked the ball and stormed off the field. That locked in a 15% loss. Well, the stock is down another 42% from that point. That would have been another 5% loss on the account. Not pretty but I’ll take it.

There is good strength in my positions this morning. BAS is up almost 8%; I’d take that with a grain of salt, it has been flipping 10% week over week, lately. But HCLP and VOC are both up about 4%, CCJ is up another 1%, and BTU is higher by 2%. AEC is taking a breather, now nearing $22. So is ETP, pushing on $68.

My holdings are AEC, CCJ, HCLP, BTU, BAS, ETP, VOC, SXCP, and physical silver.

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  1. thegametheorist

    May the industrial gods watch over you.

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  2. thegametheorist

    Thoughts on BCEI? Been watching it for a few weeks

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