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Gun Drama Is A Distraction From Making Money

RGR prices spiked this morning back above $50, and I have to say my buy from $48 is looking good. I have made big money on every single dip, purchase, accumulation, or wild guess I have made so far in this stock, starting in December.

Then just before noon, the Senate announced cloture of the background check deal and around that time RGR began to settle back down again.

Look, I’m going to be very straight with you. This measure means nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Look where we’re at; this whole debate began with Dianne Feinstein so coked up on how many different makes and models of weapons she’d have free reign to ban, there was almost too many to decide. There was no limit to the damage to be done to gun manufacturers. Private gun ownership was in check.

Where are we now? Record sales and surging background checks later, and they’re trying to decide if they even have the ability to mandate closing loopholes that largely don’t exist on the State level; it remains to be seen whether that’s on every purchase (a measure as damn near a plurality of this country has ever supported), or just a tiny fraction of all gun sales – you know, weapons you buy between 3-6am while standing on your left foot in a gymnasium…or something

This is over. The likes of Piers Morgan are now scraping the bottom of the barrel, desperate not to look like total fools. Because they’re ultimately advocating authoritarian controls here. And the only thing worse than an authoritarian…is an ineffectual authoritarian.

I told you months ago that B. Obama would hang himself in his own eagerness. The man who began his first term parading historians in front of himself, pridefully seaking to cement his legacy for the ages, has now managed to choke off his second term before accomplishing anything. He made the cardinal error. Democrats have zero leeway to get dragged into the gun debate, because more than half the country doesn’t trust them with it.

Game. Match.

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The Future Of RGR And Guns In America


The Obama gun control announcement was a complete non-issue for gun manufacturers. The Executive Orders, the only part of this that I ever feared, was stuffed full of common sense, passive actions that no one was objecting to in the first place.

And Obama acknowledged (which is always half the battle with him) that any attempt to restrict magazine capacity or ban “assault weapons” (read “any gun that looks scary”) must start in the Legislature.

Reid and Boehner are just FIGHTING with each other over who gets to start that process…

Oh, wait no they’re both punting.

Meanwhile, Obama’s actions, surrounding himself with children like a 20th century totalitarian on crack, before announcing this set of soft measures, have fired up the gun owners and political operatives who haven’t quite worked out yet that this isn’t a big deal.

The gun buying craze, which is pre-empting future government action that probably isn’t coming, will run voraciously until it exhausts itself. And ironically, a push to try and reign in weapons will have inadvertently put a lot more of them into circulation.

On a pullback, I will consider adding back RGR to my portfolio. By this time next year, it will be making new highs.

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