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BAS Is Returning 7% Today Alone

Although my 40% cash position may create the illusion that I am missing out, such a view would be misplaced. Careful allocation and selection on my part is gifting me full participation in today’s excess in spite of recent reservation.

BAS is up 7.29% at the time of this writing, as the natural gas cycle makes full leaps and bounds forward. As I told you it would transpire, this is where your money must be at for the next 10 years. Companies and partnerships like BAS and HCLP will grow at unprecedented rates, facilitating the United States of America back to Her rightful status as Greatest Country and Loan Superpower on planet Earth.

HCLP is also up 2% and taken altogether, my portfolio is up .9%.

As for the excitement about Yellen, I don’t fully understand the sentiment. If you go back and read or listen to anything from Yellen, it’s pretty clear she has been consistently more in favor of Federal Reserve supporting markets and the economy than Bernanke was.

Despite that, there is good reason to believe a deep pullback may come soon enough (first half of 2014). We can’t all be millionaires.

UPDATE If you followed my initial purchase of BAS on 8/16/2012, you are presently up 65% on the position. If you’ve been trading along with me inside The PPT, you are up far more.

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Druggie Gets Denied Again

My, oh my, we are getting close to that big 1 year anniversary.

You fucking tools have been calling on this “imminent round of new money printing” for soooo long…which is apparently both not imminent, nor is it apparent.

Every day, my Twitter stream is chock full of this slumgullion.  A bunch of pseudo sophisticates in suits strutting through the crowds, pumping up prices because the Fed is…well, not printing money.

“Hey, did you know the Fed may initiate a new round of money printing, which could inflate asset prices?”

“Did you know the federal reserve devalues the dollar?”

“Have you ever heard about inflation?”

Yeah, I think I may have heard of this before.  So has every other bastard ever birthed on this planet. 

Calls for money printing are like that guy who still wears sleeveless coats, or that girl who collects Cabbage Patch Dolls.  Their sad dedication almost overlooks the fact that their fad is long dead.

They’ll only get away with this for so long.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Captain QE.  Why don’t you go long 100,000 futures contracts of oil if you’re so fucking confident you understand Ben Bernanke?  Shortly, your demise is going to propel me to recovering all my losses from last year and then some.  I’m going to stack up the carcasses of every commodity bull, just so I can climb up them and then slide down the backside.

I wouldn’t be so full of vitriol, but for this:

Ben Bernanke NEVER said he was considering printing at that last press conference.  He NEVER said he was considering more printing at the last ten, actually.  He hasn’t said he was considering new printing since he declared QE2.

Unless I am very mistaken, that is a fact, ladies and gentlemen.

All of these rumors have come from…you.

When Bernanke says “The Fed is committed to continued accommodative policy,” where the hell does “Dude, I’m gonna print free money and make it rain like mother F-ing skittles” come from?  He’s OBVIOUSLY talking about interest rates.

Just remember this in a few months, when all your capital has been jacked by the next big sell off.

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