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Up For The Week, Somehow

The market may be down, but somehow I ended up a small sum. My account is up 3% today, erasing the nasty tumble I had play out over the past 48 hours.

I’m constructive in oil and energy names, but that applies more to energy services and complement plays than it does to pure oil bets. I’m also very adverse to deep sea drilling, because it’s expensive and easily priced out of competitiveness.

I’m getting excited about uranium for the first time in years. I’ve been enthusiastic up until now, but there was something missing. The fuel run is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy your weekend, my good man or lady. The 9th floor is closed for business, until Monday.

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  1. incometrader

    Shale oil has similar extraction costs to sea drilling. Some wells of course are much cheaper than others in both segments but neither can be called cheap.

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  2. gorby

    Well you just got a paycheck while
    standing in a bucket of shit

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