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What Happened, Boys?

For months the world was prepped for the Brexit vote, and for months the odds makers and money makers assured us that Remain would have it. Europe is the future, nation-states with their racist blood legacies the past, blah blah blah… Economists ran through the streets of London, crying the wrath and doom of the UK should it leave. EU funding flooded public airwaves with warnings and indeed thinly veiled threats.

So now here we are. Leave has won, and why wouldn’t it have?

What the economists and odds makers and editorialists haven’t worked out yet is that what the UK was voting against was them. The sheer oppression that “experts” have subjected the planet to has fostered deep resentments that are now on a full boil.

London lost big tonight, because nobody gives a fuck about London. Other equally sheltered places should take note.

Just as an aside, the US elections are equally questionable. Clinton is poster child of what one might call “establishment”. As terrible of a candidate as Trump is (and idiotic that a New York City billionaire has claimed the mantle of the little guy), for all we know a half-eaten, rotten banana could beat Hillary Clinton this election. If Trump comes at her like he did this week, all bets are off.

The big names in politics, news and finance all missed the Brexit call because seeing the Leave vote winning would have meant coming to terms with something they very deeply do not want to think about – how much regular citizens hate them.

2009 is still unfolding. The 2010 US election midterms are still unfolding. The Greek referendum is still unfolding. And these places will be burned down over and over again (in the Greek’s case, quite literally) until we get something new.

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  1. formergeek

    Hysterical watching the media completely befuddled that their agenda pushing isn’t working..they assumed the public was too stupid to make decisions for themselves (probably due to the popularity of shows like the Kardashians)

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  2. The Maven

    The half-eaten banana got me. LOL

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