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04-23-2014 Trading Journal

Market was on defensive all day.


See how price rested on the support?  However, with $AAPL after hour rocket launch, we may see a bounce tomorrow in the general market.

Today, I decided to be Rambo and bought $DMRC aggressively into the earnings betting for a positive outlook.  After listening to the earnings conference, I’ve to say that things are looking up and up.  Unfortunately, due to the “expected” losses, there were a few thousand shares being dumped after hour.  Being a super low-float stock, a few thousands shares in the after hour could weave havoc to the price.  So far, price was down 16%.  Since I like what I heard in the conference call, I’m going to hold this one long-term.  I may even buy some more below $30 if I can.  I expect to see a rocket launch for this stock later in the year when they sign a large retailer to their Digimarc barcode technology.  So, I’m not worried.

When $KNDI went down to low $13.xx after the open, it triggered my mental stop and I got out with a small gain.

$NUGT looked good for a bounce after it took out yesterday high so I bought a position.


After weathered the initial downdraft, price eventually bounced higher the rest of the day.  However, there are quite a few resistances ahead, namely the 15, 79 & 89 MA lines.

Seeing that I was aggressively adding $DMRC, I decided to lighten up other positions to make room on the risk department.  I sold $AMRN and $CERS at breakeven.

I also bought $TZA for a bounce and got stopped out not long after due to a tight stop. After seeing price bouncing back up from where I was stopped out, I bought back in and set a hard stop below yesterday low.  This time, I got traction and was in the money by the close.  Nevertheless, seeing that the market is up after hour right now, I probably will have to give back the gain from today.

Due to the correction on $DMRC and $LRAD today, my port dropped 1%.  I may give back more % tomorrow if $DMRC cannot recover from today after hour trading action.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, SVBL, SEED, NUGT, TZA and 33% cash.

From my other account:

$FITX continued to surprise when it announced today of appointing a “highly qualified” director with a heavy credential.  Somehow, price couldn’t hold above $0.09 cents so it dropped back down to mid $0.08x by the close.

$FITX is currently installing the front gate with sally port as a final step to get the Health Canada approval for a license.  We may hear something soon (as in the next two weeks if not sooner).

My 2 cents.


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