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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-08-2013)

Today was like a box of mixed chocolate.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Market bell rang and I watched $BCRX gapped up, I bought some at the market open and watched the price climbed to the high of $2.21 before coming back down to the $2.00 level.  After finding out that China approved $BCRX’s Peramivir, I decided to add some more before the market closed.

I saw $MNKD had a neutral to a positive bias open so I bought some since I wanted to be in when there were no collapse happening.

$FB was fighting a downdraft and I saw the price action was tracking half-way point of Friday candlestick bar; sticking to my rule, I sold it for small losses.

$APRI opened strong and I wanted back in; therefore, I bought back starter position on $APRI even though I paid more than I sold for in the past.  Seeing that price stayed strong on the positive side all day, I added more later in the day.

$DCTH opened down and stayed down.  Seeing some bargain, I bought a starter position on $DCTH after seeing some huge bids supporting the price even though it was down quite a bit in the morning.

I also wanted to go back in $S and the chart looked like it was continuing on its breakout mode; so I bought back a starter position.

$TINY was also acting bouncy so I bought back some shares I sold earlier last week with the intention to buy them back lower.

I also bought back some $SZYM after seeing that it was actually trying to rally in the morning.  I don’t want to be without this stock when it decides to climb back up so I’ve bought back some shares.

I was browsing the “Smart-list” watch list to see which ones are ready to move and I found $AIG enticing; therefore   I bought a starter position as well.

By the end of the day, $APRI and $AIG did well and $BCRX was correcting a bit from its high but I was still in the money, so no sweat.

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