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5 Important Business Trends set to Hit in 2018

The world is changing faster than ever and business owners have to work hard to keep up. New technology and social trends have led to massive shifts in the way that money exchanges hands around the world. Your company’s success will depend on your ability to weather the changes.

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed by the new trends. It only takes one or two hours per week to read up on what’s happening in the world of business. Here’s a guide to what is coming next in 2018.


(1) Social Media Becomes Even More Important

The rise of Facebook and YouTube as the content titans of the internet has had major implications for the business world. Digital marketing is now synonymous with content creation and distribution. Tons of people turn to social media for their daily entertainment.

You can expect this trend to continue with 2018 as the media world shifts towards a social-first distribution environment. It’s hard to imagine a world where Facebook Video gets more views than network TV, but the trend is moving in that direction. Just like TV replaced the radio, the internet is replacing TV.


(2) Blockchain Becomes Usable for Business

There has been an increasing amount of hype around “blockchains” in 2017. Bitcoin has become a valuable digital token and other projects like Ethereum and Steem are reaching sufficient maturity to appeal to big brands.

While you may not understand how blockchain works, you can figure out that it’s worth paying attention to. Keep an eye out for rumblings in your own industry about how the blockchain is going to change your world. New applications built off of this technology may lower costs and add new options for your business in 2018.


(3) Influencers Increase in Value

An influencer is anybody who can get a message out to a large audience. These kinds of people take all shapes and forms in the new media environment. Some of them are famous for capturing digital marketing trends, others are the superstars of TV and radio.

Wherever you can access influencers, do it. These are the new gatekeepers that can connect you to a lot of people. 2018 is likely to be the biggest year yet for independent influencers who can make or break your brand. Do everything that you can to get in their good graces and elicit their support.


(4) Competition Reaches a New Peak

There are a lot of startups being founded around the world. Each year of the 2010’s has been more and more crowded when it comes to getting funding and reaching customers. With so many new startups out there, 2018 may be the peak of competition for businesses around the world.

There are reasons to suspect that a minor recession is on the way. This economic event will force businesses to survive based on their real financial status. This will filter out the less sustainable businesses from the market.


(5) Employees Become Harder to Retain

The freelance economy is reaching a fever pitch. It’s never been easier for skilled workers to float from job to job and retain independence. The ones who do agree to sign long-term contracts will often expect significant perks like remote work arrangements.

When somebody has the power to retain their own freedom, why wouldn’t they? Be ready to make enticing job offers if you want to attract the greatest talent to your company for the long term.


Keep Up With The Trends

There is no way to make everything stay the same. All you can do is get better at handling the changes as they come. The world keeps moving, but the skill of adapting to change can grow within you over time. Prepare for these five trends and you can crush it in 2018.


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