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Fracking And Clean Water

I was looking over some of the water space last night, trying to, amongst other things, find connections between water companies and the fracking boom taking place across this country.

Aside from the basic, obvious plays, such as water utilities whose reservoirs are being tapped to perform the drilling procedure, I’m afraid I couldn’t find much in the way of runoff and wastewater management. There are a few names, such as Rettew Flowback and Omni Water Solutions; but they all seem to be privately held.

I would be interested in finding access to some of these companies, as I would expect the EPA to crack down hard on fracking companies and force on them the equivalent of land reclamation to the coal companies. The fracking companies already have to deal with the water that comes back up – but imagine the cost if they had to return the water underground to its original pH and composition?

In such an end, the value of some of these water purification plays would soar.

Unfortunately, no such easily tapped avenues have presented themselves yet. Of course, that’s just a few hours search and reading on the internet.

I will continue to update ideas. Feel free to leave your own.

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