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Standard & Poors after hours rating developments

Montrose County, CO’s COPs Rating Raised To ‘A’ On Strong Financial Operations 11-Mar-2011
19:40 EST

Riverside County Flood Control Water Conservancy District, CA Limited Obligation Improvement Debt Rating Raised To ‘A+’ 11-Mar-2011
18:12 EST

S&P Corrects By Reinstating ‘SP-1+’ Rating On Camden County Improvement Authority, NJ’s 2010A-2 Notes 11-Mar-2011
18:02 EST

Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12, PA GO Bond Rating Raised To ‘A’; Outlook Stable 11-Mar-2011
17:55 EST

Santander Consumer Acquired Receivables Trust 2011-S1 $526.580 Million Notes Assigned Preliminary Ratings 11-Mar-2011
17:50 EST

Credito Real ‘BB-‘ Rating Affirmed; Outlook Stable 11-Mar-2011
17:40 EST

Palm Beach Garden, FL GO Debt Rating Raised To ‘AA+’, Revenue Bond Rating Raised To ‘AA’; Outlook Stable 11-Mar-2011
17:04 EST

Amgen Inc. WKSI Shelf Debt Securities Assigned Prelim ‘A+’ Rating, Preferred Stock Rated Prelim ‘A-‘ 11-Mar-2011
17:02 EST

ICR Outlook Revised To Stable On Pelican Rapids Independent School District No. 548, ND’s GO Bonds 11-Mar-2011
17:01 EST

Saratoga Fire Protection District, CA’s General Obligation Bond Rating Raised To ‘AA’ On Economic Strength 11-Mar-2011
16:51 EST

Mooresville Public Library, IN’s General Obligation Bond Rating Raised To ‘AA-‘ On Very Strong Cash Reserves 11-Mar-2011
16:47 EST

Sidera Network’s Refinanced Credit Facility Rated ‘B’ 11-Mar-2011
16:45 EST

Exeter Union High School District, CA’s General Obligation Bond Rating Raised To ‘A+’ On Strong Reserve Levels 11-Mar-2011
16:43 EST

Johnson & Johnson Shelf Assigned Preliminary ‘AAA’ Rating 11-Mar-2011
16:42 EST

Classic Finance B.V. Series 2009-1A Rating Affirmed And Removed From CreditWatch Negative 11-Mar-2011
16:42 EST

Jasper County Public Library, IN General Obligation Bond Rating Raised To ‘A+’ On Very Strong Cash Reserves 11-Mar-2011
16:32 EST

Whirlpool Corp. Assigned ‘A-3’ Short-Term, Commercial Paper Rating; ‘BBB-‘ Long-Term Rating Affirmed 11-Mar-2011
16:30 EST

Williamstown, KY Utility Revenue Bond Rating Raised To ‘BBB+’; Outlook Stable 11-Mar-2011
16:28 EST

Entergy New Orleans’ Rating Raised To ‘BBB’ On Improved Business And Financial Risk Profiles; Outlook Stable 11-Mar-2011
16:27 EST

Outlook On Williams College, MA’s Various Bonds Revised To Negative Due To Continued Operating Deficits 11-Mar-2011
16:22 EST

Stephenson County, IL’s ICR Lowered To ‘BBB’ And Debt Certificates Ratings Lowered To ‘BBB-‘ On Draw On Reserves 11-Mar-2011
16:09 EST

S&P Corrects Merrill Lynch Puttable FLOATs/RITES Trust’s Series PT-3272 Rating To ‘AA-‘ 11-Mar-2011
16:05 EST

BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P. Reverse Mortgage Ranking Affirmed; Outlook Revised To Stable 11-Mar-2011
16:01 EST

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Death toll in Japan unknown

Japan is still trying to get an estimate on the number of people missing, as entire towns seem to have been torn away. In the town of Minamisanriku, some 9,500 people are still unaccounted for. The death toll continues to rise. Meanwhile, over 10% of the country is without electricity.

Aftershocks continued into Saturday, with two more earthquakes registering at 6.1 and 6.4 magnitudes.

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Wisconsin protests continued by thousands

In an effort to continue the energy, pro-union protesters turned out again on Saturday. For how much longer they will continue now that the collective bargaining portion of the bill has been passed into law remains unclear.

Meanwhile, with Democratic Senators back in state, Republicans will likely push the spending portion of the bill they stripped out on Wednesday, getting everything they wanted since the conflict began.

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Libyan rebels driven from oil port

General Abdel-Fattah Younis, formerly the country’s interior minister before he defected to the rebel side, announced Saturday that Qaddafi’s forces now control both the town and the oil refinery in Ras Lanouf.

However, the rebels are vowing to return as soon as possible.

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Arab League calls for no-fly zone

Qaddafi’s forces further advanced Saturday, pushing back rebel forces and publicly displaying control of now devastated towns.

The Arab League, in a move that places renewed pressure on intervention from the West, has formally asked the U.N. Security Council to implement a no-fly zone over the country.

However, the rebel forces themselves seem to be planning on a lack of international support.

“If the international community chooses to play the role of bystander, watching all the Libyan people being killed and cities destroyed, then we will have to defend ourselves,” Adbel-Hafidh Ghoga announced, speaking on behalf of the rebel forces.

Any decisive action that will be taken in Libya, at this time, remains in question. An end to the conflict also remains out of sight.

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Republicans seek to end housing relief programs

In a move to further slash spending and contain the deficit, House Republicans are considering bills to end distressed housing relief programs, reports FoxNews.

Thursday, the Republican controlled house voted to terminate the Federal Housing Administration’s Refinance Program; which since its inception under the TAR Program, has used just $50 million of its $8 billion budget.

The House is set on voting to end the Emergency Homeowners’ Relief Program today. The $46 billion HAMP and $7 billion NSP are also in the crosshairs.

All of these measures are expected to die in the Senate, or the White House should they go that far.

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