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Nice Work, Mr. Anderson!

I interrupt this heavily precious metal-oriented blog in order to pay homage to The #1 Jacksonian Holding since inception (May 1st, our official/unofficial start date).   Mr. Anderson — [[ANDE]] broke the 70% mark today, in a little over a month’s trading.  

That’s kind a special, so I figure I’d give old “Keanu” a shout out.   Do you begrudge?  Better question — do you own it?

Mind you, I think the PM’s will eventually leave Mr. Anderson in the dust, counting spoons that aren’t really even there.   And believe me, the PM”s are not doing too shabbily as it is, with [[SLW]] up 41.84%,  [[TC]] up 41.49% and  [[PAAS]]  up 39.88%.   All of the golds are in the 30’s as well, with my three laggards being (in order) [[NRP]] +0.66%.,  [[TSO]] + 0.31% and negative nelly-monster  [[MON]] at (-2.76%).   The overall port, thanks to today’s recovery, is just under 26% for the entire period.  

What’s that you say?  Molybdenum’s not a precious metal?  Well it’s PRECIOUS TO ME!

For today I added a little [[EGO]] at $9.57 — my one holding that did not close in the black today (by two cents).   Ironic, no?   Still I wanted to fill that position and I think it’s coiling for a move here.   Everyone else recovered to some extent, but I would not bet my bottom dollar that we are out of the turbulence yet.   No, I shant sound the “all clear” until we’re  above the $400 mark on the $HUI, as mentioned in last night’s post.   We got halfway back, closing a bit above $387  this afternoon.  

As I said, use this time to accumulate positions in the Jacksonians, and in some [[GG]], [[AUY]], [[ANV]], and [[EXK]] — among the other PM’s of your choice.  Soon these prices will be but a dream to you, I fear. 

If you want some non-Jacksonians, I’ve been playing some biotech lotto with [[SVA]], [[HEB]], [[SFE]] and [[CTIC]].   I’m not even going to disclaim those, as if you dare playing with them you are too “certifiable” to hire a creditable lawyer in the first place.  Just. Don’t.

Two quick charts showing Mr. Anderson’s  progress.  The first shown when I laid out the first blog post on the idea, the second captured today:




And today’s portfolio performance.  Be well all.


Name 4-Jun % Change   Comments
ANDE  $ 28.22 6.45%   Up over 70% since 5/1
EGO       9.52 -0.21%   Got  more today @ $9.57 – can ya tell?
GDX     43.51 3.20%   $HUI back above $385 again ($387)
GLD     96.23 1.93%   POG up 2.2% today.  ($983.50)
IAG     10.55 1.54%   Gaps filled, but anemic.
MON     82.90 1.72%   Back to Tuesday’s close
NRP     24.24 3.86%   Healthy recovery for this sluggard
PAAS     23.29 4.30%   Up 5.6% since yesterday’s purchase ($22.05)
RGLD     46.19 1.34%   Low volume retrace
SLV     15.63 3.24%   POS back close to $16 again.
SLW     10.95 3.69%   Closed right on the 50% fib retrace
SSRI     23.97 4.04%   Over the cup again-exactly
TBT     56.00 3.72%   Back over 61.8% fib – $60 next target
TC     10.06 7.71%   Blew right back up again.
TSO     16.06 5.87%   Back in the long term green by 31 basis pts.
AVG   3.49%    


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Contemplating Mortality, Ovah Heah

Many ah-paulgies, but when I’m undah stress, my Lawn Guyland ax-sent stahts comin’ out.  Fugheddaboudit, right?  Anyways, youse can awl see dat we’re still pullin’ back ovah heah, in an egregious mannah if I may say it is so.   Sweah ta Gawd, I dint think it was gonna happen this fast and furious, like a pissed off gindaloon lookin foah his “oily developed” little sistah, but hey — dat’s dah bawl game, no? 

Anyways, I trew dat same $HUI weekly chart from last night togeddah and whaddaya’s know?  We went and hit dat top of the consolidatin’ box dere just like I said.   Here’s dah trouble.  I ain’t so shooah we’s done heah.   In fac’ — as a mattah uh fack — I tink dere’s a damn good chance we’s go to dat second line (#2) right dere at aboud $347-48 -ish.  


So tink of it as a vacation for a day or two heah, and maybe add some names you still don’t have.   But I wouldn’t sell any cawls at dis point.   Just hang on.  Weah still 21.5% up since May dah foist, so whattaya want ovah heah?   A fuggin’ Yankee Miracle, or somethin’?   Have some damn patience.

Onna mattah of [[TSO]], that motherless whooah:  She is on my last noive, ovah heah.   I don’t feel good tellin’ youse ta accumulate her, heah, and so’s I tink maybe dat means “she’s out.”   But she’s only down 5.25% since May 1st, and I figgah we oughtta give her til 8%.    If she can’t pull outta dat tailspin, den we send her packin’.  Agreed?    Let me know what youse tink aboud mebbe replacin’ her with [[PTM]].   [[GG]] and [[AUY]] ah also on dat ray-dah screen, but NOT CRAAPL, ya heah, wiseasses?

Note dah notes, and have yahself a nice beeah and a good night.


    3-Jun % Change   Comments
ANDE    $    26.51 -1.23%   Lightest pullback in the portfolio
EGO            9.54 -5.82%   Got some more today @ $9.35
GDX          42.16 -5.36%   $HUI retreated to $370 today, target #1
GLD          94.41 -2.02%   Gold now $35 away from $1k
IAG          10.39 -7.23%   Watch for Friday’s gap ($10.04) tomorrow!
MON          81.50 -1.45%   Not killed today, still lagging.
NRP          23.34 -3.95%   $22 very possible (38.2% fib line)
PAAS          22.33 -6.41%   Filled Friday’s gap, I bot more @$22.05
RGLD          45.58 -4.56%   Known for volatility, trend line @$44.90
SLV          15.14 -3.87%   POS dropped 60 cents today
SLW          10.56 -2.85%   Impressive rebound today. Has not filled gap yet
SSRI          23.04 -6.61%   Pulled back to top of cup, TL@ $22.10
TBT          53.99 -1.84%   Continuing struggle with the 10-year
TC            9.34 -10.11%   Should’ve sold the calls, dammit! Support @ $9-
TSO          15.17 -13.31%   Down 5.25% since 5/1 – close to tossed
AVG  AVG    -5.11%    

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Jacksonian Fire Sale!

There’s that bloody pullback we were talking about last weekend!  Um — No need to overdo it, there, brother!   We don’t want to scare any new Jacksonians away now, do we?   

Well I can’t say this wasn’t expected, although the bludgeoning of [[TSO]] is a mite much in my opinion, and may warrant some additional consideration, should it continue much past the $14.80 level, where I would consider it more than a bit damaged.  Obviously VLO and WNR are the culprits here, both pointing to an overcapacity in the business and possible need to raise capital (on WNR‘s part) allegedly.  As you know I was short the June 17.50’s, but even that money doesn’t make up for today’s bludgeoning.  I may just reshort the 15’s, here and exit if that is my fate.   TSO is something of an oddball (like MON and ANDE) in that it’s not directly commodity related, but rather peripherally.  

In short, I’ll let you know what I decide, but for now, TSO is on the “back alley execution” list.   Even though I bot most of my TSO below $10, I recognize that it’s only “Jacksonian” from the official start date of May 1st, so I will account for the loss (bot @ $16.01) from that date if I take it.

The good news is I think we may have a new Jacksonian entrant.   I began a “starter” position in [[PTM]] today,  at $15.14.   As I type, it’s about a dime below that, so I may add before the day is out.  If do add PMT to the JCHP, then I will likely kick out TSO, at a loss.

In other Jacksonian news,  [[TC]] is getting its socks rocked, in one of it’s now familiar one day pull backs.   Perhaps I’ll remember to sell the calls when I should next time.    As it is, it’s filled that $9.59 gap from last Friday, and I shall probably add a small amount more today.

[[EGO]] has tested the rim of that long term cup that was in formation from July of last year.  I expect it should hold up here, and I will likely add a small amount from recent biotech winnings to my pile here as well.

[[SLW]] I would wait on, now, to see if it can’t fill that gap down around $10-.   Gap fills have been excellent buy opportunities as of late.   [[SSRI]] ($23.38) and [[PAAS]]  ($22+ ) are both at good accumulating points, here.   Also if you feel adventerous, non-JCHP double Silver ETF [[AGQ]] has pulled back nicely here, too, but you may want to wait to see if it fills that gap at $52.30.

All the JCHP golds are accumulatable at these levels, right now, and I’d grab RGLD first, as always, and GDX is always a good “backbone” hold.

Caveat:  As always, I offer my opinions only, and not the usual advice for which you consult your local gypsy palm reader.   If you decide to follow me into the Jacksonian fold, it is because you are a person of independent means who spits in the face of market carnage.   Just remember that here, even in this sainted borough of the iBC Website, you can most assuredly get shot.   Trade accordingly.


Update: I bot 2k more EGO at $9.38.

Update: I bot 1k more PAAS at $22.05

Update: I bot 4k more NG at $4.85

Update: I sold 4k TSO (25%) at $15.02

Non Jacksonian Update: I bot 10k CTIC  (25%) at $15.02


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Platinum Dreaming

"The Fly" Checks on Jake's Latest Post...


Young Daniel-san has been nagging me lately about the other lustrous beauty, Platinum

I interrupt this blog post to tell a funny story about an even younger Daniel — my son.  Tonight we were alone together, as the Good Woman took the other kids to see “Star Trek” (she for the second time) and I stayed home with “the baby.”  Problem is, he’s not so much a baby any more and quite prone to mischief.   Case in point, he had been locking himself in his room lately, so — clever us — we turned his doorknob around about six months back.  Skip to tonight, whilst I’m preparing him beddy-bye, he’s mucking about with the door again.   Too late — I heard the “click” — did I realize he’d turned the lock and pulled the door shut, effectively locking us in his room until Star Trek was out.  Bugger.

Anyway, ever since Danny bugged me about Platinum, I’ve been watching [[PTM]] — the most liquid ETF of the metal I could find.  Tonight I’ve taken the decision to grab some given a break from it’s current position.  Given a trial period, I may even consider it for the JCHP.   I believe the following limpid, elucidating, facile and explanatory CHART will show my reasoning (rather than have you guess as to what the hell goes through my head on taking decisions like these, along the lines of certain obstreperous , cranky “Uncle Fuckers” with whom we may be familiar):


Overbought?  Most assuredly.  That’s why I’ll wait to see if it clears this critical $15.40 mark before I dip my beak.   I think PTM should likely match the other precious metals, and continue to hold value, like it’s other “precious industrial” twin, Silver.   We shall see.

Meanwhile, ho hum, the Jacksonians were mostly green-hued again today, all save the two I’ve hedged with sold calls (TBT & TSO).  Odd, no?   It looks like TSO may take something of a hit here tomorrow, thanks to the foolishness of VLO and WNR,  it’s villainous brothers.   I’m not overly concerned, as I sold the June $17.50’s at close to $2.00 some  weeks back.   That said, I’d like to see TSO hold the $16.70, area, as that is the bottom range of it’s current ascending triangle.  

The $HUI continues to consolidate under $400, even as the Jacksonians move forward.  There should be some room for additional accumulation this week, I hope.

Name   2-Jun % Change   Comments        
ANDE    $     26.84 3.23%   Another 3%+ day, Ags still strong  
EGO           10.13 4.54%   So much for accumulation.  Hope you got some.
GDX           44.55 2.63%   $HUI under $400, yet GDX still up.  
GLD           96.36 0.66%   Gold (the commodity) only $14 away from $1k
IAG           11.20 1.63%   Friday’s gap gets further away.    
MON           82.70 1.50%   Moving back in the right direction for MONGO
NRP           24.30 0.25%   Back at the top of the consolidation range
PAAS           23.86 2.01%   Chug chug chug chug    
RGLD           47.76 3.51%   Just the best thing you can own    
SLV           15.75 2.61%    POS over $16 tonight, should follow  
SLW           10.87 3.62%   Overbought, but silver rocketing    
SSRI           24.67 1.52%   Ditto        
TBT           55.00 -0.94%   Pullback from yesterday’s gapup    
TC           10.39 4.00%   Considering selling the calls on this huge move
TSO           17.50 -0.06%   Will have to fight the VLO news tomorrow
     AVG  2.05%            


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Hail Canada!

Some reasons to truly love Canada (in alphabetical order):

Elisha Cuthbert – Calgary, Alberta

Natasha Henstridge- Springdale, Newfoundland
Michelle Latimer- Thunder Bay, Ontario
Michelle Latimer- Thunder Bay, Ontario
Rachel McAdams - London, Ontario
Rachel McAdams - London, Ontario

One last reason to love Canada.   Great Canadian Investigative Journalism, regarding FNM and FMC:

 [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMnSp4qEXNM&NR 450 300]


Both [[GG]] and [[AUY]] are coming back strong, but the $HUI has bonked against $400 a third time here… not “going away” but still showing opportunities to accumulate.   [[NG]] has gone parabolic.  Hold on tight, it looks like liquidities are continuing to go into commodities and some crazy biotechs.  Trade accordingly.  Best to you all.



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The Miners Take a Rest

(Thanks to ‘Shed for the family photo)

As expected,  the miners have begun to consolidate a bit of last week’s (and last month’s) run up.    Nothing major mind you,  but the $HUI tells the tale here.  Remember this weekly chart from the 22nd of May?


A little more than a week later, the $HUI is behaving as indicated.   Remember that red line — the “likely target for a short rest?”    Here’s today’s same chart: 


This wholly expected retrace may bring us as far back as the top of our “consolidation box” ($375-ish).  But if the dollar and the 10-year continue to exhibit problems, I shouldn’t expect this rest to last much longer than that.    I will be using this time to aggregate some names like [[GG]] and [[AUY]] that I’ve been looking to add.   Those of you who have been waiting for a Jacksonian entry may want to consider this week’s opportunity as well.    

One other thing, I’ve been thinking about water as an appreciating commodity recently, and many of the water-related stocks have begun setting up nicely.  I may take a shot at grabbing some of the desalinator [[CWCO]] tomorrow if the stars are properly aligned.   

Note the new “comments” section on the JCHP performance chart.    Innovative, no?  

Best to you all.

Name   1-Jun % Change   Comments      
ANDE    $       26.00 3.59%   Moving with the Ags      
EGO               9.69 -2.32%   Accumulation opp. Here    
GDX             43.41 -1.70%   $HUI pullback      
GLD             95.73 -0.49%   Resting for the leap to one grand?    
IAG             11.02 -2.22%   Friday’s gap @ $10.92      
MON             81.48 -0.82%   Yet to fill gap @ $85.06, Barron’s mention  
NRP             24.24 2.45%   Low volume up day, KOL up big    
PAAS             23.39 -0.13%   Still very much in uptrend channel    
RGLD             46.14 -0.92%   Half volume day, pullback    
SLV             15.35 -0.78%   Friday’s gap @ $15.06      
SLW             10.49 -0.29%   Friday’s gap @ $9.99, will it get there?  
SSRI             24.30 1.72%   “Indefatiguable”, Friday gap @ $23.26  
TBT             55.52 5.47%   Gapped up, strong volume day    
TC               9.99 4.06%   Gapped up today, didn’t fill.    
TSO             17.51 3.36%   Hugging the top of the triangle, must break $17.80
     AVG  0.73%            


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