Saturday, December 10, 2016
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A Considerable Sum on Silver, Please

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Sorry I haven’t been around to keep company.  I’m being kept by many companies.   At first glance, if you look at my favorite universe, it seems like it’s hand holding time.  However, I’ve looked over my long term charts tonight and I can’t believe how cheap some of these miners are trading right now.  SLW has held up reasonably well, but AG and EXK are Christmas presents here.  Get them for your kids.  RGLD continues to take hits, but mein gott it’s tasty here.  I like AUY and even BAA, as well.

I held off the whole month of January, and did not spend any “year end funds.”  That changes tomorrow.  I’m getting more of “all of the above,” but will keep some dry powder for further Crazy Eddie liquidation sales.  Everyone is printing folks.  Every one is racing to the bottom.  If you think that will hurt the precious, you need to have a look at how much Blackrock and Fidelity own of RGLD, and how much they’ve accumulated recently.  If you think they are the dumb money, well… God bless.

Best to you all.


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  1. Tig Fig

    ANV and EXK fo’ life….

    • Jakegint

      Yes, I forgot about ANV. I will be buying some, though I cannot recommend with good conscience, because that stock is so annoying it can keep you up at night, gnashing your teeth over it’s random perambulations.


  2. PirateSmile

    Interesting stuff. Nothing has changed in the world of ‘ let’s do everything we can to reflate ‘ except the sentiment regarding the pm’s. I am watching NUGT with great interest right here. If nothing else , it’s a very manageable looking trade.

  3. Gold

    Great to hear from you Jake. I’m holding tight RGLD and adding more. Wait and see !

  4. MOOBS

    Took a taste of EXK 6.9

  5. Hawaiifive0

    Thanks for the post Jake. I’ve taken a big loss. Sure hope this failure to launch is about over.

    • Chris

      Feeling the pain too, but every. single. time. I get impatient and sell out, or stop buying, the RGLD’s, AG’s, SLW’s, etc. I rue the day and get burned. I will exhaust my hoard of cash into the downturn if I have to, and will hold until my dying breath if required. Hallelujah and amen.

      • JakeGint

        True enough. My rule of thumb is wait until the day when you feel you have to sell it all… and then wait one more week. Scar tissue helps.


  6. Blind Read Ant

    $NUGT hugs $7.77 & Gold tugs at $1666. A clue or satire?

  7. Honolulu Trader

    $EXK $NUGT max pain level, Having my head handed to me.

    This didn’t EXK today

    Kick a motherfucker when his down.

  8. Chris

    RGLD analysis from Motley Fool:

    “Within that longer-term context, I encourage Fools to view the recent 25% pullback in the shares of Royal Gold as the sort of gold investment opportunity that doesn’t come along every day. While some additional near-term weakness is conceivable — particularly if Barrick were to reveal any further delay to its problem-plagued Pascua-Lama project when the miner provides a project update in mid-February — Royal Gold’s stock near $75 per share shows far more upside promise than downside risk to this long-term oriented Fool.”

    Validation, wherever it may come, is rather comforting at this point.

  9. Hawaiifive0


    Did you make your new buys yet?

  10. Chris

    From “Rude Awakening”:

    “Gold’s mojo has vanished.

    And if stocks have any say in the matter, it isn’t coming back anytime soon.

    I love my charts. But I don’t need a picture to show you what’s going on here…

    By now, you know the trends. In the 1990s, gold was stagnant while stocks enjoyed an extended bull run. As stocks started to fall out of favor in the early 2000s, gold’s massive rally began.

    Right now, another shift is brewing. The tide is turning in favor of equities.

    After more than a decade of panic and despair, stocks are attracting the attention (and dollars) of the investor class. More than $34 billion rushed into stocks in January, according to Lipper, the most in more than 15 years. This is just a drop in the bucket. Investors have much more tied up in bonds and cash. They will look to put this money to work soon.

    It’s impossible to argue against these powerful market cycles. You can point to the Fed and the sinking dollar. Yet neither of these forces can offer gold the momentum boost it experienced on its run from $300 to more than $1,900 at its most recent peak. During the past decade of crisis, gold was the best performing asset on the planet. Its days as a leader are now numbered…

    Famed technician John Murphy explained in a weekend blog post that “…stocks should become the most favored asset class in the years ahead… Treasuries will probably be the biggest losers. Gold may benefit from a falling dollar to some extent, but probably won’t do nearly as well as it did over the last decade because of rising stock values.”

    Now, before you come after me with a pitchfork, you should know that gold is not heading for a nasty collapse. It will hold its ground. And it will continue to wander through intermediate highs and lows.

    However, speculators who have played gold and helped push it higher in recent years won’t be around anymore. If you buy gold now, treat it as a safe haven. If you jump into a gold position this year expecting explosive gains, you’ll find nothing but disappointment..”

  11. Honolulu Trader

    Fuck “Rude Awakening”.

  12. Chris

    Yea, I am trying real hard to be mindful of buying stuff when no one else wants it. The mania of buying stuff as the price gets higher is really interesting. People would rather buy RGLD at $90 than at $70. Buying strength is great for a trade, but I’m no good at it.

    I’m still buying RGLD. Painful. I just try to remember wishing I could have it $70 when it was at $90. It’s here and damn hard to keep pulling the trigger.