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Bears Don’t Know

Just watching the tape here. But looks like today’s economic data is sending some bears covering before the long weekend. That’s really all there is to see. I gotta head to the airport to pick up some people… I’m always doing that this summer. Maybe I should start a shuttle service business.

– [[CFSG]] cleared a buy point
– CNinsure Inc. [[CISG]] – Air Methods Corporation [[AIRM]] cleared a buy point after slight 2-day pullback. Bounce 33.50.
– Fuqi International, Inc. [[FUQI]] again shows you its good to buy this on every dip. Eyeing volume.

–  [[CTIC]] getting closer to 1.45 stop exit.

… this weekend my friend is getting married and I’m one of his grooms.  Which means I will have to do something regretful like say a speech or sing a Buble song.  Any advice?  Let me know, I’m on my way to buy a lavender necktie  (LOL).

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CTIC answer me!

I keep emailing CTIC and they won’t respond.  FINE, I’m out completely if I don’t hear from them soon.

I already warned that 9/4 is supposed to have some news from the FDA regarding if Pixantrone was going to get Fast Track review versus Standard Review.   This is all part of the biotech-lotto game.  If CTIC doesn’t get Fast Track status on Pixantrone, then they’ll have to wait about 10 months before clearing final stage and getting on the market.  I’m not exactly sure how far down the pipeline this cancer drug is, but I do know that dates like these are sensitive spots for investors.

I ran a quick Google Trends on Pixantrone, and it seems like the buzz has been fading.  It seems like CTIC has gotten quiet all of a sudden, and either wants to surprise us or hide something from us.

Remember, Pixantrone is a fast cash burning project so they need to expedite the release of it fast.  I would figure with the FDA about to review the product they would at least show more optimism in their PR.  Well, whatever, I’m just reading between the lines as a trader, doing what traders do- speculate.  I could be totally off base, but it sure makes it more fun to decipher things.

BTW, we broke under the channel failing to breakout out to 2 zone.  We’ll need some big news to get past there.  For now, the action heavily favors selling ALL or MOST longs in CTIC.  Do your own homework, but enjoy mine!…

… just putting it out there, if you’re in CTIC and NVAX, be very careful. If the drug is a dud, it will take more than therapy to fix the stock price.

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Stock Tools Review: A First Look at the New STOCKTWITS DESKTOP!

Tweet tweet tweet! Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Let’s go ahead and replace the first letter “t” with “s” on this one…

As a “Recommended” tweeter on StockTwits I was given early access to StockTwitsDesktop, the latest project of social networking giant, Howard Lindzon, in his quest to achieve total financial twitter domination.

As a first look I must say I’m quite impressed. There’s a lot of tools that can be used to consolidate all your social networking into using this application alone. I mean, sometimes we tweet random stuff that maybe other traders don’t want to hear (for example, do we really need to know about your trips to the urinal Mr. Lindzon?) and I know I’m quite guilty of that (sometimes when I’m bored, I tweet whatever I read on the bathroom stalls).

Anyway here’s what I like so far about StockTwits Desktop:

  • Uses TweetDeck GUI– the graphical user interface of StockTwits Desktop is very similar to TweetDeck. So users of the popular tweeting tool will have a very quick transition to using StockTwitsDesktop.
  • Groups– the “groups” feature is great for filtering the kinds of traders you want to interact with. You can join “Swing Traders” group, which I did, and I must say has a nice group of great traders. I also created an “iBankCoin test group” for any iBC members that trade the stocks that we highlight. In the future, I hope to create a powerful synergism between The PPT‘s stock picking machine with the human touch offered on StockTwits Desktop.
  • StockTwits TV– The TV is embedded into StockTwits Desktop so now you can watch and tweet simultaneously.
  • Embedded Browser– Now you don’t have to switch from IExplorer, Chrome, Opera or Firefox- you can use the embedded browser. One of my favorite tools on the embedded browser is the “share” button. For anyone who lives on the internet, the word “share” is synonymous to “social networking.” So this feature is great for people who watch people trade or have an opinion to share. Here’s how it works… you use the browser to find a webpage, then you click the “share” button which creates a TinyURL for you to tweet. Remember though, you don’t have to tweet to all your followers, you can select “tweet to Swing Traders” group which will then send the URL of the page you are viewing to all people in that group. … a very useful filtering service.
  • Desktop updates: what made Twitter fanatics fall in love with TweetDeck was the fast updates and alerts it sent to you whenever someone tweeted a response to you. This is probably on of the biggest thing that on-the-demand traders appreciate the most. For example, we want to have the latest news on a stock or company brought to our attention as soon as possible. StockTwits Desktop allows for quick updates to either the StockTwits universe column, or to the Group Column. (yes, columns make visualizing tweets so much easier).
  • Filtered Streams– if you prefer to follow just one person or a few persons, StockTwits lets you to pick specific people. It gets better! You can also do a filtered stream of specific stocks. For example, if you are heavily invested in AAPL, you can select a stream for “AAPL” so whenever anyone tweets about it, it will show up on your Stream Column for AAPL. (SorenMacBeth FTW!) For those of you who subscribe to our PPT, you know how valuable this can be. One of the best features of The PPT is “The Wall” which is quite similar to streaming thoughts of an entire community of a certain stock (Jeremy FTW!)
  • Tabs– something simple as Tabs will make navigating all your stock trading web tools so much easier.  There’s tabs for StockTwits stream, browser, and for every time you click on someone’s profile.

Anyway, that is my first impressions of StockTwits Desktop. It’s looking to be great tool for social traders, twitter addicts, and anyone who wants to “bank coin”. I still am playing around with some other features such as chart-sharing, so I’ll let you know how it goes on a Part 2 or something. As I use the product more I’ll also see if I can come up with some constructive criticism or a wish-list for Lindzon and company. For now, enjoy the network of traders! I think StockTwitsDesktop will be released tonight. Don’t forget, if you do install the product, make sure you join the “iBankCoin test group”!

iBC Posse

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So I wasn’t born yet when this song come out, but it’s definitely iPod worthy and I just love to dance tipsy to this tune.    Anyway, I’m trying to log in StockTwits Desktop (if you don’t know, get to know), but I guess all10 million people from StockTwits are trying to get an account today now that it’s open to the public.  This of course, is probably why the server is down.  When I get back in I’ll post up my “First Look Review on StockTwits Desktop”… I actually posted it last night but had to take it down because it wasn’t officially released yet (that explains the post with the password protection).

Okay, back to stocks…

–  I still think fading stocks is the right move, even if we are down big already, I think we will head down a bit further (count the “legs”).  What we have is a failed consolidation period on most of the major indexes.  Those are easy to read:  it just means that uncertainty has chosen a side.

–  High priority short list:

Netflix, Inc. [[NFLX]]

Yingli Green Energy Hold. Co. Ltd. (ADR) [[YGE]] (if you can get it)

China Southern Airlines Limited (ADR) [[ZNH]] (if you can get it.  There were some available at 17 a few weeks ago)

[[CBOU]] (too late today, but wait for relief rally.  Heading under 7 soon)

–  Stocks showing strength:

  • [[CYOU]]
  • Air Methods Corporation [[AIRM]]
  • ArcSight Inc. [[ARST]] (cleared 20 spot today.  Watch for follow-through in the next few days.)

–  Other:

  • Fuqi International, Inc. [[FUQI]] having a healthy pullback.  I wouldn’t buy today’s dip.  Set up 2 buy points about 50 cents apart.
  • [[CTIC]] –  I warned last night on twitter/StockTwits that CTIC is in danger because they could be granted “Standard Track” instead of “Fast Track”.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to cut your positions significantly, maybe 1/2 it like I did.

I’ll post the StockTwitsDesktop review once I’m able to login the server.  If you can’t wait, just go to the previous post called “Test” and enter “thehawaiitrader” as the password.

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Stocks for September…

Spent my Sunday evening getting ready for September.  This is what I enjoy about swing trading.  You actually don’t have to do too much research everyday… you shouldn’t!  If you’ve just started out trading stocks I would recommend that you monitor only a few stocks, maybe about 20, but within that 20, pick a “priority list” of about 5 stocks.  You may have heard me mention something like, “I have CSIQ on high priority BUY”… that simply means I will be dedicating most of my time a resources to track that stock and make the trade.  The result?  A nice double digit gain within the next few trading days.  It sure beats just sitting on a boring stock that you picked up on a stock tip in the steam room.   I’ve been able to pick a small group of stocks just before they make big moves.  My favorites in June include FUQI, CSIG, CYOU, CTIC.  This month I have found a few more gems that I will add to my universe of about 20 stocks I keep an eye on for swing trading. 

Previous HOT stocks that are still sizzling: 

  • FUQI (now #1 on the IBD 100… remember, The PPT picked this as a #1 stock way before!  Several times it hit #1 on PPT).
  • CSIG – Remember Cninsure from last month?  It’s now at #6 on the IBD 100.  I beat them too that.
  • CYOU  – still like the revenue potential in the internets over in China.  It seems like a “beat-down” play when you go back  to the .Com era, but its much different in China.

New! And for the brave:

  • AIRM … I’ve been bullish on medical stocks for a while now, giving much praise to creative companies like AFAM, weird China stocks like CMED.  Currently the group’s rating is low, which means we should expect a pullback in the sector.  I think AIRM is worth buying on that dip.
  • SWM-  If you’re into killing the bears, then get long SWM.  This stock is gettin ready to bust to the 55, then 60s level.  Don’t need to chart this, it reminds me too much of GMCR.
  • GOK – Ever sine Geokinetics released their 10-q on August 7, some people started buying up this stock.  I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it’s worth to keep an eye on:  http://www.geokinetics.com/Quarterly_reports.html
  • LINC – an old new favorite of mine, that is back on the list.
  • NFLX – will try to short on pullback
  • ARST- back on high priority buy.  More of a technical trade as it has completed its consolidation period right at its weekly moving average.  Wedge pattern is getting narrow signalling big move coming up.

Well, that’s all I came up for now.  Most of the stocks I traded and monitored in August are still high up on my watchlist.  I plan to add to this current list whenever I see more stocks make big moves on The PPT.  I finally got the pictures from a my friend’s camera from the Black Eye Peas party, I’ll post them up later.  Boom boom pow!

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How’s the weekend?

Sometimes we trade so much, work so much, we forget to stop and enjoy life a little.  I just wanted to drop in a message to make sure all the iBankCoin crew and company are having a good weekend.  It’s about 85 degrees in paradise, so I should be out at the beach, but I have some more important things to attend to.  (And you do too!  Tomorrow, make sure you get you update your universe of stocks for September.  I say it’s going to be a wild one!  August was so boring, and quite painful for bears.  I, for myself, am holding a bunch of loser shorts but I’ll continue to hold until we get a good size correction on the 9k zone.  Wait… why am I talking about stocks?  It’s Saturday! )

… in the meantime, I’ll be sampling StockTwits Desktop this coming week, and I’ll put in my review/tutorial some time in the future.  Hey, whatever brings the community of traders together is a good thing.

We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.
–  Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)
28th President of the USA.

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