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Quote of the Morning

Here is a great quote applicable to trading. This comes via ChessQuote (@chess_chat) on Twitter, one my favorite follows:

“During a chess tournament a master must envisage himself as a cross between an ascetic monk and a beast of prey.” – Alexander Alekhine

To be sure, with the market grinding up like this, and a bit of chop, I am in ascetic monk mode more than beast of prey mode for now.

But that can change quickly…

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  1. UndeadBear

    On a side not, never been much a fan of the Alekhine’s Defense, but hey, might be a perfect analogy right now for the bulls playing a “4 pawns attack” across the indices on this bounce

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  2. Danny1980

    Chess would you add a hedge here I have quite a few long positions? I’m looking for weakness but haven’t really spotted any so far in the indices

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  3. Danny1980

    I’m watching but so far they are holding up well. No signs of weakness.


    I’ll throw on some TZA and maybe some VXX calls if we do fade a bit. What a learning process

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