Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Stock #Market Recap 07/01/14 {Video}

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Enjoy tonight’s video, and enjoy your evening. 

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  1. Andrew

    Hi there,

    Good video. For momentum strategies what do you do when the market corrects? Do you play the short side or sit on hands?

    • chessNwine

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you.

      During more established market downtrends I seek out aggressive short opportunities. In bull market corrections I tend to be heavy cash with select and careful shorts.

      • Andrew

        Your market timing has been pretty spot on for that. How do you identify bull market corrections?

        • chessNwine

          The recent one was trickier than most because the Russell & Nazzy corrected to the 200-day but S&P and Dow did not. Usually, a bull market correction sees the major averages correct to the 200-day m.a. where they are bought.

  2. Steven

    Awesome recap and analysis. As a 22 year old rookie trader, I’m really glad I found your breakdowns. Thanks

  3. velth

    Long also GTAT, with a price target of 23. Will take a little off around 21…at least that’s the plan. Will have to adapt if it doesn’t cooperate.