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Back in the Hole


I have been fortunate to catch some good entries on both long and short trades in the precious metals and miners complex dating back several months.

To my eye, silver is now back on watch for a long trade, preferably using the AGQ ETF (levered long).

Both chart below are dailies of the silver straight-up ETF.

The falling channel (light blue lines on first chart) has become quite steep, and you can see a very oversold RSI on the top pane of the second chart. With a sign of strength above $19.30 for the SLV I have the play on watch.

What are your top ideas this morning?





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  1. Darwin

    P, top short idea

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  2. L_T

    Can’t help but think GDX will become a long-term buy (not a trade) somewhere a few points lower.

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