Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Trying Not to Jump to Conclusions

I have seen a bunch of opinions on the Twitter stream today decisively in the bear camp based on current price action. Overall, it looks like a boring, albeit soft, holiday trading session. Inside 12631, I elected to take some rather small losses instead of waiting until my stop-loss got hit on some longs, in addition to locking in the rest of a nice win in small-cap play EGOV. While this is not yet the type of market for me to become extremely aggressive, I am not 100% cash either. I have one short position currently, but am willing to build that side of my book if need be.

All in all, while retail and consumer discretionary stocks slump along with many areas of tech, the financials, industrials, and emerging markets are holding up well once again. Also, keep an eye on the transports. The Dow Jones Transportation Average below looks to be building a solid bull flag after its most recent advance.



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  1. TaoOf Patrick

    I’m bullish after this Cliff Shit!

  2. Nid

    Interesting, on the 1yr it looks like at least a Triple Top.

  3. redman59

    Good advice on aggressiveness. Watching the RUT we are just testing the 10ema, this has been upheld nicely since the November rally.

    This is a time when a trader needs to filter the noise.