Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Shiny Stars of the Week

In last weekend ‘s Weekly Strategy Session, I devoted a section to the precious metals. Despite the volatility in equities this week, the metals and even some miners have been impressive. 

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Gold and Silver Corrected for Virtually the Entire Month of October After Strong Upside Moves in Late-Summer/Early-Autumn. They are Both Back to Levels Where it Merits Keeping a Close Eye on Buyers Stepping in Again.

Patience has been virtuous with the precious metals after their explosive moves in August and September. On the weekly charts of the gold and silver ETFs, below, note that price has pulled back in October on benign selling volume to the convergence of the 20 and 50 period weekly moving averages. The massive weekly triangle breakouts from August and September that I have highlighted for you remain intact. Anecdotally, any enthusiasm about the precious metals that we saw six weeks ago has almost assuredly abated after this correction, which is exactly what you are looking to see in a buyable pullback–The eradication of complacency or even bullishness.

In the coming week, I am keeping a very close eye on the metals and precious metals miners (which have also weathered the correction well) for any signs of strength as a viable entry point for long swing trades.


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  1. 200ma

    Any opinion on CBI or CHK? Looking like good entries about to happen on both. I realize there is news to come out on CBI in December in regards to SHAW. CHK just seems a bit undervalued.