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Bulls Singing the Railroad Song

Union Pacific printed all-time highs today. As the largest publicly-traded rail, we may very well have a bullish divergence going on here to the rest of the transportation sector, as broadly speaking the group is nowhere close to all-time highs. In addition, this could be a divergence to the rest of the market for the better. These divergences take time to play out, though. So, don’t get too giddy just yet.

However, over the coming weeks I am looking to see not only if UNP holds this move, but also if other transportation stocks follow the lead of UNP, along with the market.


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  1. djmarcus

    volume nothing special on this move… obviously doesn’t make it insignificant, but smart of you to caution to wait and see if this sticks..

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  2. JJ Butler

    Rail shipments of oil are up 36% y/y.

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