Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Gold and Silver Bug Happy Hour of Charts





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  1. rookie

    hey chess, what do u make of the miiner/commodity divergence? i am short gold and expecting some kind of mean reversion between the two.

  2. Hack

    I have found that your analysis of silver has been correct for the past two months (as long as you have been covering it actually). When I look on the PM sites I either get the “silver is going straight to $100 or “it’s over with, we’ll see $20”. Moreover, the miners have been punished for achieving such great success in such a short period of time and the current general market pull back compounded this correction. Having said this I am still in a holding pattern, awaiting further confirmation.

  3. Bind Read Ant

    Concerning an earlier blog and domestics, might I suggest Oregon Pinots in general, but Snoqualmie for their Riesling.

  4. flyaway18

    If you put the Bollinger bands on GLD it appears to be entering a tight squeeze. Looks real nice if it plays out.