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Trumpsters Beat Down Again: White House Wants to ‘Win Again’, Mulling More Troops to Afghanistan

I’m sorry republitards, but you’ve been had. I have a lot more in common with you than libfags; but, ultimately, I’m an anarchist who wants the world to burn.

For a brief period, my ineradicable passion for fire and brimstone was upended by the great orange one. He was like a friendly orangutan, a very rich one, offering yuge promises of winship — at the expense of others. This, as you know, is my favorite form of winning. How could I not support a man who threatened to build a gigantic wall and then force Mexico to pay for it? I’m alpha. This appeals to my inner primate.

Alas, the veil has been lifted and Trump is nothing more than Hillary with a penis.

MOAR troops are heading to Afghanistan — because nothing says ‘winning’ like fighting and dying for poppy fields in the literal asshole of the planet.

Washpo is reporting as many as 3,000 Americans will be sent to protect the heroin lands of Afghanistan. NBC says 5,000 and a request for NATO, Trump’s new besties, to match it.

A U.S. official told The Post that Trump wants to “start winning” again and has the backing of top Cabinet officials. He is expected to make his mind up on strategy before attending a May 25 NATO summit in Brussels, the newspaper reported.

One senior administration source told NBC News a decision would happen “soon.”

Let’s revisit some wistful propaganda, shall we?


Fuck you all!

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